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Lagging?  Too many campers in your lobby?  Here's your solution!


My camper-buster class which has been doing work on the smaller maps (Raid, Hijacked, etc):


Primary: MP7 attach: laser sight

Primary 2: S12


Wilcards: Overkill (obviously), Perk 3 Greed


Perk 1: Lightweight

Perk 2: Fast hands

Perk 3: Dexterity, Extreme Conditioning


Lethal: none

Tactical: concussion x 1


Some of the particulars will probably change as I rank up further & unlock more, but this is an insanely good class for getting to occupied buildings and then clearing them out; the MP7 takes care of your medium-range engagements & then the shotty comes out once you're in close.  The combination of Lightweight + Extreme Conditioning makes it relatively easy to escape if you find yourself staring at a losing confrontation.  The high rates of fire & damage on your primaries + the fact that most of your engagements will be pretty close also helps to overcome moderate lag issues; if you're in the same room as someone and you empty the mag on that S12, he's going to die no matter what.