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A question on lag comp


Hi all, just a quick question on lag comp.


Is it 100% proven that the higher your connection speed, the more lag comp you will experience?


I'm an average player, some good games, some bad. I run off of a 60 mb connection and have found it a real strugge winning any 50/50 gunfights in BLOPs 2. I probably win 5% of them. When I watch killcams, it seems like my opponent has a up to a whole second of seeing me but to me it seemed as if they came round the corner and instantly killed me.


On other CODs I can hold my own but in BLOPs I find it a real struggle, I've never had the lag issue to this extent before and its forcing me to change to a more camping style I don't like to play. I prefer to move around a lot.


I know it the first week of the game but is there anything I can do myself by changing any settings to give myself a fighting chance?


It just seems as if BLOPs has created a huge divide, making the good players even better and making the average to lower players even worse lol

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    I found that changing my xbox network settings has helped 100%.


    Change your DNS settings to




    This has sorted the lag problems for me.


    Also change your search settings to 'Best' when in the 'Find Match' menu.

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      Its good that you are trying to help, but this is not the solution unfortunately. Changing to google's public dns servers may improve somebody's ping fractionally or may actually do harm. Use something like namebench if you want to find the best dns server as it will be different depending on location.


      That said, a small change such as this will not solve the overbearing issue of the lag currently present on the xbox version of the game, only Treyarch can do that.


      Interestingly, I actually saw a small improvement (still poor) by changing from wired to wireless on my xbox, effectively making my ping change from around 17ms to 26ms. I have tried the best dns servers for my area and then a few others, but this did not have a noticable effect in game.



      Just hold tight and wait is the best advice, I'm sure it will get fixed very shortly.

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        Ya I've gone wireless, taken out of DMZ, namebenched for best DNS. Nothing that is playable. Maybe a game or two that is alright but I like consistency.

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          i've gone wireless as well.  it's mindnumbingly stupid that reversing port forwards and running on wifi actually makes the game play *slightly* better.  smart business i guess, tilting favor towards the masses who dont even know what ping and port forwarding is.  nonetheless i'm pissed and frustrated.  if they dont even this out im selling the game and calling it a day for my cod playing.

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            I dont really understand what the ping really means, what is considered a good ping?


            I just tested mine on pingtest, it said unable to test packetloss, ping 18 ms, jitter 3ms


            What does that mean for my blops connectivity and lag issues?


            sorry if I sound stupid lol

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              Performing a ping test means nothing.


              You may well achieve an XXms ping - to the server you are pinging.


              When it comes to your system connecting to and pinging the BLOPS 2 servers, the results will be VERY different.


              Ping tests and speed tests stand for nothing

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        Well this has worked dramatically for me and others so I think it's worth people trying it. I was losing every 50/50 encounter, my bullets weren't registering, I couldn't get a positive K/D in 90% of matches, constantly last place on my team etc etc. I changed the DNS and instantly my game/connection improved that I was coming top of the leaderboard again, my SPM doubled and my K/D was at 2:1. That's a MASSIVE difference. So, No harm to try it and if no better swap it back to auto settings. I guess everyone's issues are different tho. I'm on 60mb Virgin Fibre with a pretty good ping on average and have usually experienced reasonable connections to past COD games. This has been the only time I've had to do anything to sort out my connection so just thought it was worth sharing as I see a lot of complaints on here that mirror my experience. Hopefully this will work for some people.