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Isn't it ironic


That you get an accolade for being lucky enough to finish a game. I got 3 so far

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    Can you even check your accolades on this game? If you can I certainly can't find where. It's just another thing they've done that's a step backwards from IW's MW3.


    On MW3 it was 2 quick presses of the X button and you could see exactly how many times you'd won each accolade in the game. On here...seriously don't think you can view them.



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      Are they not under barracks and leaderboard or something like that?  I'm not on the game at the moment but I swear I've been able to pull them up again to have a peek at them.


      As for only have 3 ... I generally only play domination or hardpoint and I collect at least 10 a match I would say. Mostly from caturing objectives, defending them and of course shooting down the million UAVs that are in the game.

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        Nope, not under Leaderboards in the Barracks. Not under Challenges or Combat Record either. Just browsing through all the online menu's as I type this and honestly cannot find a place to browse my accolades. Considering how easy to do it was on MW3, this is pretty poor.


        Either they're hidden in a ridiculously obscure place, or they can't be viewed which would be a major step backwards really. I loved trying to collect all the accolades.

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    My friends and I looked all over for our total accolades and none of us could find them, yet we do earn "accolades". I see the mat the end of a match for that match.

    I also bought the more expensive book for Black Ops 2. It is supossed to have more detailed info in it. The funny thing is that the first 2 things that I tried to find out about in the book were not even in it. One being, where to find my accolades. The other, How to Prestige? You know how to pick things correctly so I got the most out of tokens and weapons. Not even mentioned in the book!

    You would think that you would get more game info in a $40 game book.

    I found the Prestige info on Youtube in a TmarTn video that cost me nothing. I still don't know if you can track your accolades yet.