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and foxhound took my post down


So foxhound you took my pst down how about you do something about ur game the lag taking a map away from us that stated it was there for 24/7 always open never closed and now ur stupid game is unplayable your meant to talk to the fans the people that pay ur wages!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Foxxy has nothing to do with anything that goes on in game. He is just the head Frum Mod not a Dev. If you want to keep making immature post about Nuketown they he will continue to take them down. When he said all post concernin it would be deleted he meant it.

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    Let me take a moment to clarify some things.


    1. I'm not a developer.
    2. It's not my game.
    3. I want Nuketown 2025 back too.
    4. I'm just doing my job.
    5. I didn't take the playlist away from you. Neither did Jeepy or BlackIce.


    Whether forum posters like it or not, there is a Code of Conduct that we have to enforce. We've made the entry level understanding even easier with the Ettiquette thread too. Saturation isn't a good thing. Perhaps if they were all posts that had mature statements, then we might work something out a bit better, but the reaction was mostly anything but.


    Read our Code of Conduct and Terms of Use. Keep in mind that we can remove your posts at will and at our own discretion. I'll see if a poper thread exists which is mature and I'll give it a bump for people to discuss. The onus is the users to keep that thread mature.