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The removal of threads is annoying me, not the removal of a map


Really Activision? let people have their opinion. Mine is as follows


The only issues I've had so far with BOPS2 are the day or so that people couldn't get onto the servers which was annoying as I took last week off work but me and the mates just played a bunch of private games and learnt the maps/loadouts when that happened.


I agree that Nuketown should be put in normal rotation (with the option for purchase if people didn't pre-order...) but I played 0 games on Nuketown over the double XP weekend, and that was by choice as I played 2 games on the Nuketown 2025 playlist and remembered how **** this map was, how you couldn't walk 2 steps without being hit by a random grenade, getting spawn trapped or even spawn trapping.... It reminded me how **** this map really was.


I have no idea why this was one of the most favorite maps from Blackops 1. Give me Firing range 2025 any day...