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Back on topic and  what I signed up to the forums for  :: Share your Tips!


I know a lot of people are having connection issues/people anoyed with the Nuke town thingy, This will hopefully be sorted soon  - but lets get back on topic.
What are some things you have learnt on your BOPS2 travels so far? One for instance is that the Black Hat PDA is a very powerfull piece of equipment.
A mate of mine showed me the other day that you can take out or 'Hack' Enemy UAV's with them - no need to waste a spot for a launcher now.

They can also be used through walls to take out Sentry guns and Gaurdians and will even hack to make your own - enemy equipment such as bouncing betty's/claymores/shockcharges. I have had a fair few kills from enemy betty's by this trick... Another use is to use it to instantly pick up your own care package without waiting for the 'capturing' bar to go up. or Booby trap an enemy package from a distance


These days Im also running engineer just to see the equipment around the map and see where campers could be or be able to clear out equipment before I get to a flag etc.


What are your tips and what have you found out so far?