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League play ranking is perfect. Objective games should have always been based on points and wins, not mainly KDR. I run a .73 KDR, but my points and wins have me in top platinum ranks.

That is what its all about.


This game is not just about KDR anymore. I love that.


Sure, TDM is 100% about KDR, but the objective games are about points and the win.


For that reason, League play is perfection.


I run a 1.5 KDR on MW3, because that game is based on KDR for streaks and such, so don't troll me about how I suck because I have a .73 KDR in BOPS2. I play kamikaze style, always end at the top 3 scores even with a 9 and 40 KDR, and give my teammates a huge edge because I am distracting the other team.


Awesome, because they made so many things on this game fake in relation to a real war gunfight, then they might as well make it fun to play the objectives.