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No Game XP For Me + Aiming + Killing + Spawning + Campers + Lag + Nuketown 2025


So, this is my major and main issue here... I've been stuck at Prestige 1, Level 51. My experience isn't growing. I've played 10 matches and the bar hasn't moved at all, nor have I leveled. It's just stuck. This is very aggravating as I should be at 55 by now, typically. Maybe even Prestige 2. How am I supposed to progress? There's no point in me owning the game if I don't progress and level up.


Also, what's with the shooting? I can shoot someone with a good 6 bullets using my HAMR with FMJ and their one little shot kills me instantly. This pisses me off to no end. Sometimes I go games with 45 kills with maybe around 30 or so deaths(Don't care about K/D, just kills and XP), but sometimes I get 12 kills with like 35 deaths. In MW3 I am almost always #1 in every match for most kills.


Another thing I noticed is that there is absolutely zero aiming assist. Like the other COD games, I'd aim down the sights and target my enemy and it would usually help me aim towards mid-chest and head. It would guide me to the enemy on my screen even though I'd still have to control the aiming, but this game has done nothing. I will aim down the sights and end up slowly moving towards my target, getting shot before I can even aim properly. What the hell is that?


Also, I swear to God if I spawn in front of another enemy player and die before I even realize I'm back in the game, I'm going to go absolutely berserk.


And let's also talk about campers. Wasn't this game supposed to help keep the camping to a minimum? Because incidentally, this game has had the worst camping in it since I started playing COD back when MW1 came out. I cannot STAND people prone on a corner with a sniper rifle and killing me with a quick scope. They don't even have to aim. The enemy just has to be on the screen and they scope and fire fast and the auto aim(what little there is) does the rest of the work!


Also, where the hell is Nuketown? It's been missing from my screen for two days now, and it doesn't pop up in any of my Domination games. It just vanished! This is absurd. I love playing on Nuketown mostly and now you took that away!


This game sucks, yet I am forced to play it because I am a consumer who loves the franchise, feel, and style of the online multiplayer, but there are just so many things wrong with this game. Want to know the funniest thing? I still get lag now and then and get kicked out of lobies constantly. Meanwhile, I have the fastest internet in the United States and I've port forwarded. Check the image below.




Can we fix this stuff? Maybe soon please? Also, compensate me for the XP I'm not gaining. I'd like to be moved to Prestige 2 somewhere at least. I've been stuck at Prestige 1, lvl 51 FOREVER!