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Looking to start an active social clan. (Xbox 360 & 18+)

Didnt see alot of clans for xbox that are based in the west. No offense to the aussies.
Im looking to start up a clan with some active members who arent silent on the sticks. No **** talkers though, mature socialism only.
Im 18 years old, and for the next couple of months, have ample play time. No requirements like K/D and **** are needed, just be 18+. But if you know you suck, and your friends think you suck dont join lol. But on a serious note, really just looking to have some fun on this new game.


Clan Name: Mayback Music Gaming
Can Tag: MMG
Clan leader: http://www.facebook.com/eddy.lowe.3
Gamertag: Looneytoonz 94