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Cheating Epidemic


Ok so last night was bad, i mean really bad.  I know a lot of people have had major issues with lag comp but this is worse well for me it is lol.

I've gone from being a top tier gamer since launch and nearly in platinum on league play so no slouch to suffering some horrendous defeats where endless enemy kill streaks rain down on my team and one shot kill sprint machines run around wiping us out at point of spawn and in one match an actual bullet proof knife only tool ran round stabbing everyone regardless of how many people shot him.


it was actually childish. 


anyway i'm not bothered as i'll simply stop playing until its patched but i was wondering if anyone else was encountering these low life hackers or whether i just had 5 consecutively unlucky matches.


anyhow i no its not me being **** as since launch i've been MVP of my team in the vast bulk of my matches and the lag comp issue can't be allowing people to call in endless kill streaks plus lag comp wasn't an issue at the start so shouldn't have started affecting me now.


if other people are starting to hit the cheating wall, a five minute search on google revealed just how widely availaible these hacks are. Treyarch act now! Ban the cheats!

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    All I have come across is 2 guys boosting last night. That's it. Lucky me I guess. Just report and hope for the best.

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    IKR- SOOO many cheaters/hackers/lag switchers/baboons/quickscopers out there...


    We need to be careful they don't take over.  I hear that if one of these unsavoury types kills you in game, you become infected.  Yeah...that's right...infected!


    Treyarch act now, before it becomes an epidemic.  I don't wanna become an infected quickscoping baboon that lag switches.  It's just a scary thought 

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    There will always be boosters and cheaters unfortunatley, Treyarch needs to fix the game first imo. In regards to switching, it's really to hard to tell with the lag comp being so bad.

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      Lots of people offering mods online for idiot children to buy with their parents' credit cards. Good luck to them. The most common mods always end up being patched. I like to keep an occasional eye on the more popular modding forums so that I'm aware of exploits etc. on maps so I don't get caught out.


      Treyarch are watching them, too. You can bet money on it.

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    I've not noticed any hackers tbh, sounds funny though. Post a vid, let us all have a laugh

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    Make sure to use the in game reporting feature to report cheaters/hackers. It is the best way to send that information to Treyarch.

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    Ran in to a guy just now that wasn't bulletproof since I managed to kill him, but I did try to knife him 3 times in a row and never hit while he did absolutely nothing but knife people. Those knife attempts would have definitely hit someone not cheating.

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      knifing in this game is hit or miss. As far as the OP... Sounds like you got hit with some bad lobbies. Has nothing to do with skill. You can always tell if you are on the bad end of the connection.

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    I gave up on knifing in black ops. Only in these games can you be pretty much inside them enemy, and miss the knife.


    Connection must have been a real issue. Ive watched a few kill cams on me where they werent even shooting me, but were getting the hitmarkers, and ive also killed a few while aiming to the side of them.


    The lag could have maked them in a different spot than where they really were.


    Tip: Explosives dont care where they are.

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    I have not seen any cheaters, modders or hackers in this game yet. yes there are things that will make you say WTF and how! But usually it is connection dependent things.

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    I agree cheating is awful on Black Ops 2. Have been playing some most everyday. Makes you not want to play anymore. I have several videos of the cheaters but the render is down on Black Ops 2 so I can't share them. I also reported them and have kept up with the names. Nothing has been done to these cheaters. I really don't think they care as long as the sales are there. Until they start taking these cheaters seriously and dealing with it quickly I don't see myself purchasing any future games. I'm not being paid by the company so all the cheaters have someone to kill. Really, who cheats at a game? Pathetic!