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problems with cod black ops 2


i have a ps3 and 1 week ago i bought the new call of duty it didnt give me any problem untill four days ago, when i was playing online,my ps3 stops going and get freezing and i continue having this problem ,  i think is because the last pach but i dont know. someone more with this problem? is there any solution ?

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    HI.. me to, played fine from release date till sunday for days ago.. had the problem STRAIGHT after i reseted my router. Keeps on telling me cod server is not available at this time.. it can't be the patch, cause i installed the patch on thursday, problem started 3 days after.. Wish i could help you

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    i brought the game but i cant even play it. Regret buying this game ima go to battlefield.

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    I too have had freezing issues and the like. But now in addition to the freezing issues where the game will occasionally just "Freeze" all the sudden while trying to play multiplayer; now the game audio has become all scratchy and studdery to the point where I can not here any sort of game sounds at all. At this point I think this game was rushed to market too quickly and because of that far too many people are having numerous issues that people should not be having for the kinda money being shelled out for games like this.