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Black Ops 2 Crimes Against Humanity

well you wait for a game and then you buy it and oh my god its pants. well not realy, its just brought out the corner huggers barrel loving cover campers who didnt play MW3 or if they did they couldnt camp in that. 2 of my regular players have traded it in and 1 thrown and smashed the controller in anger because of the head glitching. the game has turned us all into ragers. sort out the connetions its pants, we were playing fine till you patched it and now its horrible to play. what are you doing trying each country 1 at a time to see when you hit the balance on connection speed oh please its hurting me when i laugh

what have they done to the multiplayer!!!!the maps are all in straight lines from a to c with more cover than god invented take a hint from MW3 regarding new maps for run n gun please. what would people do in open gun fights, maps with no corners or cover ooh it would never do!! who trys out these maps must be dimly lit lol

weapons oh dear where to start?

a pistol out shooting an assault rifle across the map oops the balance is somwhat very wrong!

the smaw good for shooting down planes but hit a man with flak jacket on i might aswell throw a lighted match at him what a joke.

bouncing betties are a smart mine, nothing smart here because you can out jump and drop to the floor when they make that much with sound effects!! real life its milli seconds and youd be dead less of the sound effects more on the killing thanks.

a knife or axe kills instantly but a crossbow doesn't you have to wait for it to explode oh come on what a joke.

i did have a kd of 1.5 its now .99 but have given up in favour of win loss ratio of 3.35 others are doing the same just to annoy the cover huggers proving there is no i in team with there 2 kd and .34 win loss ratio what a joke BO2

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    Mw3 / Mw2: i won like 90% of all the FFA games without camping. Well only playing a little defensive when i was on a high streak ( above 10, that is. ) had a KD of 2.80


    BO2: I NEVER end up in the top 3 on FFA. now i have a KD of 1.75 - 1.90 ish.


    Not trying to show off or something, but really trying to proof that the person above me is not the only one that's not just hating on the game like lots of people say...But that it is just a FACT that this game is seriously not even worthy to be called a COD game.

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      well its official all twelve in a game of dommination agree the game is pants and we are all from different countries and yet we all still play it. praying like mad that they will fix the game with patches and remove most of the cover for campers !!!

      wait whats that we have all just witnessed in the final kill cam a sniper from point blank has had to put 2 bullets in the person to kill him oh what a joke this game is. guns without bullets what next pick up the nearest stone and throw it at then lol

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    couldn't agree more

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      oh my god do they expect us to pay £41.99 for maps and the game is poooooooo!

      i know its only two weeks old but we havnt even got the clan ops up and running yet. god knows how much rubbish we will have to put up with when they start.

      i know MW3 and BO are made by different peeps but why o why didnt TRYCRAP take note of what peeps want not what there designers and proofers thought was a good game. the campaign is good but multiplaver is now officially pants.

      this is not just me cos 50% of the clan have not bought the game and people we play against dont like it either and just look at the numbers when your on line, no where near as many as MW3. somebody me thinks has slipped up thinking they had a gem lol

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        I don't care if it's been done before, I'm doing it again. I honestly tracked down this site JUST to write a review cause of all the built up anger I had against this ******* game. Anyway, let's get started.


        No game has had me rage more than this piece of ****. Before I dive deep into the core of this game's ****, I'd like to discuss the "good" of this game first. I believe no matter how bad a game is (although this game is ******* terrible) it has it's good points if you look close enough (I mean really ******* close).


        The "Good":     I have to.... just bare with me through this section


        Campaign: When I first started playing BOII, I went right into the Campaign. I'm a sucker for sequels and the whole "numbers" and "Reznov" storyline from the previous game had me really intrigued. I expected pretty much the same format though. Save this dude, plant a bomb, get out safely, capture the bad guy, best friend dies, you avenge him with epic last boss fight. MW2 did this pretty damn well, the whole "throw knife at the guy's eye after taking it out from your stomach" really was pretty damn awesome and I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks that. And don't get me wrong, black ops 1 boss fight was epic as well. You go through a submarine, finding the baddie and choking him to death in the water while the boat is about to blow soon. All the built up rage is definitely showing when you fight him and it adds to the intensity while doing so. The "Good" about BOII campaign is practically the same as BOI. Veteran difficulty makes it more fun and the story ends well with another boss fight. Not much else could be said honestly. There are parts you can "Access" with the access kit, such as animal traps, mortars, flak jackets, etc.. that make the usual fights much easier, which I enjoyed. The story is told way better in my opinion with Woods being the "hip" cranky old guy. Much more fluid and nice gameplay overall.


        Multiplayer: The multiplayer is ... (something positive... think RBK.... think)  it's okay I suppose. You can scorestreaks which prevent campers and have more objective based games. People rush to flags to achieve points, capture flags to more points, shoot down UAV's, etc.. Everything is about points in this game, and the higher you have, the better you will do in a game.


        Zombies: Last but not least, the zombies. Much like the last game, the zombies is awesome!! TOTALLY the best part about this game, so fun and more intense than ever before. Fighting zombies on a moving bus, running to catch the bus as its about to leave, knifing the monkey zombies on your face, all SO fun! Honestly, they outdid themselves on this part so I commend them here.



        The "Bad":      Hold on to your ******* drinks


        Campaign: As stated on the "Good" section, the campaign was fun, don't get me wrong but if you're a trophy hunter like me and like to blast through the game on Veteran just to get the "Gold trophy and possible platinum if you get them all, THINK AGAIN! First off, this ******* game gives you a bronze... BRONZE trophy for beating it on the hardest difficulty, like WTF!?!? What's the point in sweating my ass over a game, if I'm rewarded with something I get just by starting the game.Besides that, What the living **** are these STUPID ass challenges?!?!  They are so ******* hard to get and there are 10, yes TEN in each damn mission. This is for Gold btw, the hardest ******* trophy in this game. I played through the entire first level at least 8 times already and still only got 8/10 challenges, I AM NOT, I repeat, NOT going to get them all. This is a ******* waste of time, seeing how damn near impossible it is to get them all without busting a nerve. For ex: one challenge says "dive prone on an enemy grenade and survive" THIS IS THE FIRST ******* MISSION!!! WHY THE **** would they include such a hard challenge for the first one?? The enemies REFUSE to throw a grenade no matter how many times you reload the checkpoint and restart. **** THE CHALLENGES, seriously. That's 1. Two, this game introduces a Commander and Conquer based mission, 5 TIMES!  I play CoD for first-person shooting, not this ****! Even on the easiet difficulty, the STUPID-ASS  AI dies when told to defend the B base with 4 guys on it. Unless you control a unit at ALL times, you're ******. Moving back to the campaign story, Menendez has some okay cutscenes but the last part is ******* horrendous. NOT EPIC AT ALL, you jump off and them two of the meanest guys with 1 shot of your gun. What's exciting about that!??! No epic knife fight? No verge of death throwing knife? Just a simple bullet after all that torture from such a notorious villian? **** THAT! Worst CoD ending ever.  Overall, **** the challenges, **** the ending, and **** this strategy based command and conquer type game. This ain't CoD anymore.


        Multiplayer: Oh here we go baby. Awesome, the currency system's gone. No more CoD points, no more EPIC wager matches where you put everything on the line, no more HIGH roller live DOUBLE down games, nope, its all gone. Why? Cause Trey-**** are ******* retarded. Yes, you still have those same game modes, but at what cost. It's no fun, or thrilling to play unless there's something in return. You have 3/6 chances to get in the money in BOI and that's pretty damn good enough. If you get humiliated at the last second, yes it sucks, but that's why they're "WAGER" matches, not ****** up piles of **** like BOII. PLUS! in BOII, you join a sharpshooter game right in the middle of the game, so unlike BOI, you can't start from the beginning, unless you're lucky. That's enough of that. On to the combat training. ........ Umm... WHERE THE **** IS COMNAT TRAINING!?!??!? OMGWTFBOOM!! Wait a minute, there is combat training.... but its public.... with other players...... umm...... FUCKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!  What's the point of combat training if I'm dying OVER AND OVER again like in a regular match. I LOVED the BOI C. training because it literally was COMBAT training. You set the number of bots, the difficulty, and you go in there and have fun. **** this new system, this ain't combat training, THIS IS ****!!!! When I couldn't do well in online in BOI, I would go to C. training and get attack dogs againt bots and maybe feel good about myself. Now, its ******* impossible to test out the new kill... oh I'm sorry, SCOREstreaks, because you can't train AT ALL!!!  Honestly, another **** up. Anyone counting with me?  Now the core gameplay, Nuketown 2025, yeah it's cool except one problem, you can't ******* play it unless you're in BONUS game type.and even then, its based on  luck whether you get it. Honestly, its the best ******* map in the game, the rest are complete and utter HORSESHIT!   Moving on to the actual gameplay. The guns are ALL OVERPOWERED AS ****! The Shotguns, omg the shotgun.... they were weak in BOI and now OP in BOII. ******* FIND THE MIDDLE you *******, its not that hard. Every player uses one in this game and I can see why. The KSG comes to mind. "Fire off a slug instead of a shells" **** YOU and your slug!  Oh oh oh, also, Black ops 1, not counting the AK-47 (which is in every game) had ORIGINAL guns! Galil, Commando, Olympia, etc... BOII is a ******* CHEAT and steals guns from MW3 to make more ******* money. MP7 comes to mind. also the Scar, also the KSG, ETC...........  Jesus ******* christ, enough of this same **** over and over again! Make something original you cocksuckers. Moving on, the create a class system is BEYOND ****** up. You have 10 slots to choose anything you want... wow... really.10.... 10 slots... okay, so I can have a wildcard and another grenade. That took up 2 slots right there. Oops, I don't have enough for a tactical grenade, oh wait, I do, I just need to get rid of scavenger. Oh wait, how will I get ammo then, Oh I know, SHUT THE **** UP!!!!!! ITS HORSESHIT, WORSE Create a class system I'VE EVER SEEN!!! **** THIS GAME OMG, i'm not done raging yet. I still have another ******* section... The scorestreaks... Swarm.... 1900 points. Has anyone ever gotten this without a care package drop? This is 10x harder to get than ******* Attack Dogs from BOI. All I can get is up to counter UAV and then I die instantly from a knifer who JUST so happens to jump from a window onto where I spawned. Hunter killer KILLS about 95% of the time. Its basically a ******* RC-XD with wings. OMG, almost forgot about this next one, GHOST! Yes, you have to keep moving in order for it to work. Does it work?.... NO!! UAV is a ******* lying **** and so is Trey-****. Last Stand is back, Ghost is back, TARGET ******* FINDER IS NOT BACK, but its NEW! MAKE THE GAME WORSE why don't ya! Everything about this game is just to ****** up, its hard to choose good points about it. That knifing............ **** that ****, ppl already know it sucks ASS. Ppl fly across the map the stab you after you shot them 20 times with a MP7 at range. Not even gonna touch on that ******* subject.And OMG, its up to rank 55 now guys to prestige, not 50. we're SO original!! Where's our ******* medal and stack of cookies??! I'm done, ****!


        Zombies: At first it was enjoyable, until I learned to turn on the power you gotta collect ****. I never knew zombies was a scavenger hunt. If it was, I would've done it every ******* Easter.  Turning on the power is the most annoying thing about this game. It was never this hard before, and Juggernog is ALL THE ******* WAY on the edge of the bus stop so you can't even get a good start like "Moon" for example when starting to play. Also, let me comment on the fire. THE ******* FIRE ON THE ******* FLOOR!!! COULD THEY HAVE INTRODUCED A MORE ANNOYING ASS ELEMENT!?!? That ******* fire always blinds your vision when running around and provides an extra hit on you so zombies you finish you with one swing. ****! Why? why did you have to make SUCH A HORRENDOUS sequel to such a great game. Yes, BOI has hit detection issues but I'd rather take that over THIS **** anyday. Overall, zombies is a headache more than anything now and its a MOTHERFUCKING shame. That was the 1 thing I was truly looking forward to and now, ****!



        RECAP: **** this GAME!!! I've said all that I need to say and my score for it, 0.5/10. Why 0.5?  Because I picked my ass crack and didn't know where to wipe it, so I stuck it on the score. There, looks better than a 0/10. I'm going back to Black Ops 1 and MW3. **** YOU TREY-*****!

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          yes my friend well said and where would TREYCRAP be if we all stopped playing this pile of poooh.

          they have toaly ruined the whole experience and to top it off the formats of the multiplayer is toooo stupid to laugh at.

          2 years to get this pile peddled to us at stupid prices well me and my 94 friends cant wait for MW4. played it today after 1.5 days without and its worse.

          aaaaahhhhh its winding us all up and yet we buy this rubbish