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The comprehensive balance problem (and fixes) thread


Weapons and attachments:

-Quickdraw handle is overpowered

-ALL the SMGs are too accurate, vector and Chicom CQB being the worst offenders.

-M8 and MTAR are the best assault rifles by far, with type 25 and SWAT556 following closely.

-Shotguns need some tender love

-SMR, SCAR-H and AN94 are having trouble. The SCAR-H and SMR especially.

-M27 falls between chairs

-SVU is useless

-Special optics (target finder et cetera) makes the regular sights completely redundant.


* Quickdraw handle allows you to fire 2-3 rounds aimed down the sights before you'd normally be able to.
Remember stopping power?

It allowed you to spend one less bullet for killing enemies.

Quickdraw gives you two extra bullets per aimed down sights combat with the 700 RPM weapons versus enemies without the quickdraw handle, and nullifies the need for hipfire for SMGs.

Nerf the ADS time multiplier to x0.75 to balance it out; You will still always get the first shot versus enemies without the attachment.


* Give all the SMGs slightly more and unique recoil patterns AND/OR heavy sway.

Nerf hipfire slightly, if only the maximum hip-fire spread, keeping the minimum.
Heavy sway is the reason PDWs and SMGs are useless on longer ranges.

Chicom CQB and Vector is going to be overused VERY soon.


* Shotguns need more range, but give them lower long range damage -- so that they one hit kill at their current (or better) ranges more often but can hit targets on longer ranges.

The balance for shotguns is RAZOR thin, as the developers already know.

NOBODY wants to get one shot killed without having ANY chance what so ever.



* SMR needs more base damage so that it can penetrate cover and still kill stuff.

The FAL can be used against head-glitchers and on long range fired as fast as the FAL allows you to, always killing in 3 hits because you actually hit enemies with relative ease firing 7-8 rounds per second.
The SMR cannot be fired at it's maximum rate of fire without going for the brute force method of shooting the wall in front of the enemy.
I've personally experienced 6 bullet penetration hits through thin cover on Turbine on 20 meters range without getting a kill.

Increasing the base damage from 50 to 65 would improve this a lot -- then let it have 45 damage on long range.
(That would also make the ingame text true: Right now the FAL has the highest damage in class with it's 55 short range damage)


* SCAR-H needs even more bullet penetration to be able to compete with the M8, MTAR and M27 -- rifles that hit the target without having to shoot through the cover.

Or slightly reduced vertical recoil to allow it to not depend on it's bullet penetration to get kills.

And give it a 4 hit kill on all ranges, please.

Giving the least accurate assault rifle in the game with the slowest automatic rate of fire a 5 hit kill, like the faster firing assault rifles, is begging for trouble:
The Chicom CQB is better on extreme ranges than the SCAR-H -- with it's 6 hit kill and great accuracy and mobility.


* AN-94 is decent, but could use a small bone thrown in it's general direction.


* M8 could use a slightly longer delay between bursts OR slightly higher recoil.


* M27 could use a tiny improvement in handling due to it's short range disadvantage versus every other weapon in the game; SMG ADS speed and/or hip-fire?


* MTAR could have reduced hip-fire accuracy to balance out it's short range ability advantage versus every other AR in the game -- or a faster damage drop.


* SVU could need a faster ADS time. Without a headshot, the fastest you CAN kill an opponent with the SVU is 0.60 seconds from spotting the enemy, with perfect timing.

Compare that to the Ballista's 0.38 seconds with perfect timing, or the quickdraw handle M8's 0.30 second kill up to ~30 meters.

(M8 getting 2 full bursts fired before the SVU CAN kill, firing the third burst while the SVU fires the second bullet. Assuming you even hit on the second bullet while maxing it's rate of fire, leaving you at 0.80 seconds for a kill if you need to fire 3 shots, with near perfect timing.)


* Special sights making regular optics redundant: Add more sway to these attachments.




Perks and equipment:

-Scavenger is going to cause problems and will be banned in competetive play

-Awareness and Dead Silence are both useless

-Ghost is slightly underpowered.

-Stun grenades outclass flash grenades by miles

-Bouncing betties are the best explosive by far; or Claymores are slightly underpowered


* Scavenger is going to see extremely much play with danger close and bouncing betties, semtex, C4, Blackhats, grenade launchers and is going to be half of everyone's prestige unlock.

It would be fine if it only resupplied ammo AND gave you more starting ammo.

It could also resupply grenades and tactical grenades -- but not bouncing betties, grenade launcher grenades, rockets other than AA, C4 or claymores


* Buff sounds, then nerf awareness and dead silence slightly. Awareness: 1.5x sound and distance, dead silence 0.5x sound and distance.


* Let snipers stay off the radar with Ghost IF PRONE. Or let everyone get away with it while prone.

Prone position reduces your ability to aim dramatically.





-Strafe and sprint speeds are too fast for the sake of balance.


* You need a very high sensitivity to follow strafing SMG-users, without magnification, on shorter ranges.

Even without the "strafe faster while aiming down the sights" attachment.

Sprint speeds are too high for the game's fragile hit-detection system, too, that only works if players are somewhere near wher other players see them on their screen.




Minor problems and non-problems:

* Quickscoping: Every assault rifle with quickdraw handle can kill before the ballista fires it's first shot, even if the quickdraw handle is nerfed as suggested.


* Bouncing betties: Duck, don't fly. Simply crouching helps you survive.

If you trigger a MINE, you should die unless you respond correctly.

Slow down and don't SPRINT everywhere. Crouch when you are nearing camp positions.


* UAVs: Shoot them down or camp them out.


They have a slow update frequency.

One balance fix would be to let enemies KNOW when the UAV ping is (black ping on radar or a sound).