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COD: WAW Multiplayer Problem! Don't know what to do!!!!

Hey everyone... Im having a big issue with Call of Duty World at War.  I just started playing it again on PS3 two days ago and even when i would reach the main menu, i kept getting an error that said something like "Fetch Error"  it went on for a while but the messages stopped i then realized that everytime i would rank up in multiplayer, quit multiplayer and then go into multiplayer again, my rank was at the same rank it was 2 weeks ago... I wasnt able to rank up!! i kept trying but it kept doing the same thing.  I even tried leveling up with the master account and it did the same thing!!!  I dont know what to do... I got to figure out how to send an email to Activision Support.  I want this issue fixed!!


Please tell me if you know anything i can do to fix this!