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Message to  Treyarch

Now before I begin, users of this forums, I know this is probably useless and it won't be read or bothered with but hey, if you don't try there is a 100% guarentee it won't be.


I am just another PS3 COD player like most of everyone here and losing one customer, oh boy, got plenty more but looking at the big picture, I am one of the many core-based fans ready to quit buying for good. Grant the game just came out but we are all wondering WHY DID YOU BRING LAG COMP BACK IN?! Seriously, it is rediculous to bring it back so why? If it is your attempt to bring a fair balance to all players, you and I both know that will never happen in a million years, lag compensation hurts the players with good connection while rewarding those that have not as good connection. If I shoot someone first or run knife only and knife at point blank, I should get the kill but nope, haha, you die. What do I see on the killcam? Me who knows how many seconds behind.


Seriously, you can't please both sides no matter how hard you try, it is kind of like Democrats and Republicans but in this case you got your core fanbase that don't want to be punished for their connection and the large amount of twelve-year-olds that for one, shouldn't be playing in the first place and two, don't know how to have fun but rage whenever your core fans try to. Not to mention these young ones don't even play in the big leagues(or League Play for that matter), just team deathmatch or something in public matches and will usually quit the series all-in-all later on.


Now I understand that you got to make money and you want to please everyone but you just can't, it's nearly impossible. I would much rather deal with server lag then any form of lag compensation in all of my life. So you got to pick, the core fanbase that keeps the true fun but competitive side of Call of Duty up, or let all of this competitive and fun side of Call of Duty you strive to help improve and grow go to waste and just have a bunch of kids that only trash talk and ruin the game for others. What am I saying? Dump lag compensation, a thing that WILL NOT work or say goodbye to all of your work and fans you "fight for".


Anyways I hope all of you at Treyarch and on the forums has/had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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    Anothing person who has no idea what lag comp is

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    This goes along w/ the thread I had posted 5 hours ago.  I'm not alone by any means, apparently. Treyarch is so petty that they try to create everyone as an equal.



    FUN FACT: The new patch you're releasing doesn't cover the real issues.  Quit evading the problem and actually fix your cruddy game already...


    I'm sick and tired of playing the worst of online players (strategy wise) and breaking even with them, when in fact, half of them are holding higher stats than I am...  Pfft... You wish.  That SHOULDN'T be happening.  Unrealistic bs.  In no way am I being egotistical, but I simply am one of those tryhards who are on the top of the leaderboards... (that is until now).

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    You have to have lag comp incorporated into the game or else it would NOT work for 95% of the players. Every person has a different amount of lag and that lag is constantly changing (jitter). Your 35ms ping is an average of maybe 25ms ping and 45ms ping that is varying constantly. The system has to constantly balance things and I don't think it can adjust eveeryone's lag perfectly in ANY games because of the number of players and jitter. At times you will have an advantage (over certain players) and during the same game you can be at a disadvantage (to certain players) and that can change constantly throughout the match. I think if they tune to work well for 85% of users 85% of the time they will call it "good". It will suck for 15% of users all the time. MW3 was NEVER enjoyable until I got garbage internet connection. BLOPS 1 played great for my 30mb - 30ms connection and MW3 sucked. With my crummy hotel connection now BLOPS 1 sucks and MW3 is flawless (I know ...crazy right!). With all the probs I think BLOPS 2 is still a better game than both of them though.

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    every online fps needs and has some form lag compensation. the problem is that in blops 2 it is too strong. i think treyarch should be stricter about who they allow on the server. if u are stealing wifi from the mcdonalds 3 blocks away and u barely have enough bandwidth to sign in to PSN then you shouldnt be allowed to lag up every match u join. u should get a message telling you that your internet connection is currently unsuitable for online gameplay. if u have a slightly less than decent connection then the game should take extra caution to find a game most suitable for you even if it takes a really long time to find a game. Its not fair to the rest of us that pay good money for our internet setups every month to constantly suffer through lag. i pay about 1,500 a year for my connection almost entirely dedicated to playing cod online.