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1 second behind, what do i do?

hello this is the first time i play a black ops game. once i started looking kill cams i noticed that on my screen i shot directly when i saw him and on killcam it shows me i shoot later and then also behind him. i looked at some more and it was all the same. it seems like im 1 second behind.

i already have the search preferences set to "best" and i did never have any lagg with my connection on other games. what is the problem and how can i solve this?

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    even while it says i have full green bars

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    This has been me recently, and how I managed to stop myself from launching my xbox through the window I just do not know.

    For the first few days I was fine but after that I was lagging all over and getting slaughtered,  I tried everything you can think of to stop the lag from changing dns server settings, ports forward, etc, etc but nothing made a difference.


    And then, last night...everything changed


    I have normality, I had a game where I was in a positive, and then another and another, what the hell has happened?

    I have changed nothing, touched nothing but now I can play, I have virtually no lag and I'm getting some very good scores again, I can't tell you how relieved I am.

    I've just had a few games this morning to check and I'm still all good, my wife will tell you that the change in my mood has been dramatic!


    (sings) Happy days are here again...

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    I was having the same problem.  I read a suggestion from another forum user that changing my DNS server settings to Google's public servers (which are apparently really fast) might help.  It may be a coincidence, but last night after changing the settings I had the absolute best games since it came out.  All of the gunfights that I lost felt like I'd been legitimately outplayed and my shots were all registering appropriately.  It can't hurt to try -


    Go to: System>Network(then select what type of network you use)>Configure Network>DNS settings


    Select Primary DNS and change it to

    Select Secondary DNS and change it to


    You should get disconnected from XBL.  Reconnect to XBL and you should be good to go.

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      WOW! it acxtually worked some games i dont have lagg at all and now. if i have lagg its actually shows ( in freezes) normaly it would look like it ran smooth now if i see a freeze i just quit walking and after the freeze im still on the same place. and the kill cams are exactly how i experience it.

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    Nothing you can do. I guess the Treyarch staff and David (whats hes name), got owned when they played cod4, so it`s the revenge. Maybe they even added a secret code, where all the good players from cod4 gets punished. It is a conspiracy.


    Just camp, select a long range assault weapon and you will be fine.


    This will not be fixed I guess. They haven`t even mentioned it on this forum.

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    The consipiracy theories are coming in thick and fast. Time for some rationality..the killcam will always replay an out if sync snapshot of what happened, this disparity has existed since killcams were first introduced to COD. It's normal to not see yourself shooting while being shot at etc. When you kill someone the same will be happening to the other guy when he watches it. Remeber killcam is a feature, not a CSI tool. It's nothing to worry about. End of story.

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      I would totally agree with your reponse, accept for the facts.

      - On the occassions where I don't have a lag issue - and I die because I was out gunned, kill cam shows me shooting when I was shooting.

      - When lag in effect - Kill cam shows me weapon down even though I started shooting.


      There are hundreds of posts regarding this issue. While you may not experience the issue, others do.

      And just remember when your stroking your KD, some of that was gained by shooting 'lag effected' players.

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        Your last paragraph is very confusing, I literally have no idea what your on about there. Was it aimed at me? Anyway back on topic, the killcam varies, sometimes it's reasonably close, other times its slightly off. The rest is down to your own perception and memory recall. The point is that it's never an actual representation of what happened, it's just a quick snapshot. Theatre recordings can also show this effect. Look if you want a slightly more technical description here's an excerpt from a COD dev:


        "The game runs at 60fps, that means each client's view on screen is updated every 16.666ms. The server does not run at this frequency. The local client sees what occurs on their screen at 60fps. However, the snapshot is calculated at a different ms frequency. Therefore, there can be a difference between what the host snapshot is and what the client view represents even on the host's machine."


        The tinfoil hatters really don't like simple rational info like the above. It angers them.

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    I had a game yesterday where I got 5 hitmarkers on a camper and the guy turns around quickscoping and drops me, I watch the killcam and I'm not even looking at the guy it's as if he just saw me walking by..Enough said

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    My favorites are the classics die in one bullet or get shot around corners. Oh so fun!