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Funny SND moments


Thought i'd share a moment, let my wife play a game of SND. She doesnt play cod at all, anyway i talked her through the buttons and the game itself. The sensitivity was on 10 so as you could imagine it was making everyone sick watching her aiming all over the place, bumping into walls etc. Anyway to cut the story short, she got the bomb and after falling down the hole to the bottom of the boat on hijacked, crashing into a few more walls, looking at the floor/ ceiling etc i told her to go up and plant the bomb. Ok she did that and after i said take cover and defend it.


Her idea of defending was standing right next to the bomb looking at the sky, she popped of two players, god only knows how as she never once aimed at anyone, just firing random bullets in all direction. Then a trick shotter decided to go for a fancy 360 sniper kill from the top floor. My wife threw a grenade which bounced off the bomb site, into the wall and rolled out onto the deck. The trick shotter landed on and exploding grenade. Haha, final kill, game winning kill. You should of heard them rage. Haha


She finished the game topping the leader board. I must say i'm doing it all wrong.