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Black ops 2 vs Modern Warfare 2


Plain and simple..


I played some more black ops 2 today, thought i'd be kind and not dashboard as usual herre's what happened.

Played about 10 games when I knew I wasn't the host... Finished positive in all games, perhaps neutral in  1 or 2 of them..


The host finally leaves, host migration and I pull host... my first game as host gets to 6 and 13.. On the 13th death, after putting 8 hitmarkers on somebody at mid range, with him to turn on me, run up to me and shoot me with a shotgun, I left (not dashboard, although I was very close to)


So I thought i'd give MW2 a go... Had a check of my stats to see where I left off (102000 kills to 138000 deaths 0.74KD lol) - the reason being is that I was determined to get all the Javelin titles legit, which I did at the cost of about 30000-40000 deaths, and countless negative games on Demolition.


First game for over year, I go 30 and 4 on Karachi, 27 and 11 on Scrapyard, 29 and 6 on Bailout, 15 and 11 on Crash 29 and 12 on Sub Base.. These scores accurately show what I am, get the occasional corker, but generally end up with 1.5 - 2x kills than deaths


And I pulled host on the 2nd game on Scrapyard..


Bottom line is this, If I can do so well on MW2 as a host, but regularly have such a noticeable difference in performance on BO2 when I'm host, I think it just goes to show who the superior CoD makers are. It's amazing that taking 3 steps back had a much more exciting, free running game where if you died, you didn't feel so cheated - that you lost the gunfight fairly..


On this basis, Treyarch CoD's can go stick their games where the sun doesn't shine. I've had nothing but rage, really bad rage at times at how weak the connections, host lag, lag compensation and hit detection is.. I will not buy Black Ops 3 or whatever they call their next "effort" unless i'm looking for an expensive door wedge. Will use the £45 to buy Maps for future IW DLC.

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    Pulling host is perfectly fine in black ops and waw.  Im still playing black ops 1 (because bo2 sucks) and I get excited if I get host.


    MW3 was the game that really started the "keep host away from me" trend.

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    MW2 also has the benefit of having been patched consistently for a full year (or more) at this point.  Blops 2 has been out less than two weeks and only had time to receive one patch.  If I remember correctly, MW2 was hopelessly broken for about three solid months before IW got around to making it work properly.


    Selective memory and unfair comparisons are not valid argument points. And are you honestly arguing that a game with more pronounced host advantage is superior to one in which the host can't run all over the competition?  The gaming community has officially lost its mind.

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      Connection was never an issue, but that game skipped a beta phase and had gamebreaking bugs for the first few months of its life.  Care package glitch, jav glitch ext ext.


      Thankfully those got patched, but its sad they never bothered fixing the bs like oma or danger close that ruined mw2.

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        Any game in which the host can rack up ridiculous scores simply due to being the host clearly has some connection issues. 


        Also, it's pretty hypocritical to criticize a game for involving unfair network behavior while simultaneously praising another game for allowing you to abuse it.  Just saying.

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          I really do wonder what MW3 would have been like if the original IW guys "West and Zampella" would have stuck around rather than making there own company due to Activision not paying them, rather than trusting Bowling with it.

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            Quick answer: it would have been much better.  Once I factored in the revenge spawns, cluttered maps, and completely broken weapon balance it was hard for me to see MW3 as anything other than an abhorent mess of a game. 


            Blops 2 fixes nearly all of that and I'm confident that the few issues it has will ironed out in the coming months.  Hell, we're only a week and a half in and things are already improving (26 Mb TU in the first week is almost unheard of these days).  I think Blops 2 is the best CoD to date and I've been playing CoD for a long, long time.  This post is just another example of a case where nostalgia clouds people's ability to fairly assess a new entry in a beloved franchise. 


            In a couple of months Treyarch will have polished everything to a mirror sheen and all the whiners like the OP who are frustrated about not being able to exploit issues like host advantage, ghost camping, or revenge spawning in older CoDs will have either shut up or moved on.  Then the Blops 2 community will really come into its own.

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    You can do well in MW2 because nobody good plays it anymore.

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    I do better in MW2 than any other COD. Just give me a silecned Tar-21 and I'm golden. Aside from the 3 glaring problems (OMA, Commando, un-balanced perks), MW2 is the closest COD has come to perfection. Best weapon balance, best maps, and just the most fun. It captured the rambo effect so well I still have fun with it to this day. Sad that the 3 problems are huge ones that keep the game from being one of the best FPS ever.

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    I agree. Bo2 is fun but it's not nearly as sucessful as MW2 was imo.

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    You did well in MW2??


    Put Black Ops 1 in now. I guarantee you'll do well in that game too.


    The reason you are doing well in those games isn't entirely because you are some god-like player.


    It's because you are going up against players who don't have much interest or take the game seriously like you.


    I remember going back to Black Ops in March, and every game I was going in Headquarters was 50+ killa and less than 10 deaths. My KD in that game was a 2. something, not a 5. something which was what was suggested by my small sample of matches on a game that no one plays anymore