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The multiplayer is set up to make you fail. All roads lead to one.


What I mean is simple, if you aren't using an SMG you WON'T do well.  This statement is a fact, period. TmarTn, I'm sure most of you if not all know about him, has stated this himself (who else would know better than the guy who helped write the stategy guide for the book!)  I'm amazed how Vahn was so excited to introduce the pick 10 system and talk about how it will change COD forever when he knew that him and his developing team had made a game where if you aren't using an SMG (and one of the hundreds of headglitch spots on the map) you're going to end the game with a garbage k/d.  Now obviously there are some exceptions but generally speaking I think we can all agree.  I don't mind using SMG's but do I want to HAVE to use them? Not really, I'd like to try multiple guns. Heck all of them eventually, but it's quite demotivating when you know you can't possible do well with anything that's not shooting 1000 rpm with little to no kick. You can't even use most AR's in this game because you will always get outgunned in these close maps. Can we get some kind of explaination? Probably not. You call this weapon ballance treyarch?

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    I totally agree, along with terrible spawns and people stealing packages with black hats, the lag ruins the game entirely. I lose 1v1 gun fights because my first 3-5 bullets don't count

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    Yep, it's an absolute joke. I see somebody for a split second and I'm already dead, I didn't realize everyone in this game had pin point accuracy? Oh they don't, contrary to what my screen shows me, I've probably been peaking around that wall for 5 seconds and have been getting shot at for 4 of them, which I can't see.


    I'm using shot guns and trying to get them diamond and it makes me want to rip my hair out at the fact that I can shoot someone 4 times, not kill them, only to have them turn around and kill me. And on the kill cam it hardly even shows my shots hurting them. Not to mention the fact of using the exact same shotgun as somebody, and me getting a hit marker on their face while they kill me with one shot.


    I've also lost count of the amount of times I'll run in to somebody, and my screen just completely freezes and then once it starts moving a few seconds later I've already been killed.


    I want to enjoy this game, and I see the potential, but the lag and server issues, on top of the god AWFUL spawns (spawning in to a guardian, or a sentry gun) really makes it hard to enjoy it at all.