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Bloodthirsty medals!

Hey guys! I'm trying to unlock gold camo to my sniper, and there is only one challange left to finish before i get the gold one! The problem is, i have a hard time getting it. It is the 10 bloodthirsty medals! U get tem by getting 5 kills withiout dying. It probably sounds easy, but when u can only get em with the sniper, it is quite hard.


So, is there anyone that got some hints or tricks i can use? Any good game modes or any other things that will make it easier?


And what if i get 3 kills with sniper, then 1 with secondary and then 2 more with the sniper, will it then count any way?


I hope you can help me! :-)

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    Hardcore capture the flag mate, find a good spot, camp and do your stuff.

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    Put on ghost, cold blooded and dead silence.  On the sniper, put on a silencer. Unlike the other cods where silencers made it really hard to get kills, this game doesn't do that.  The silencer on the sniper rifle takes away nearly all the sound. People are oblivious to you shooting at them.  I've had many people never turn around even if I was shooting right behind them.  It is much more quiet than a silenced SMG. 


    Find a good sniping spot that is far away and up high. With ghost on, and coldblooded, it will be very hard to spot you.  Another tip would be to have the scope up a lot so if someone watches the killcam, they can't find your location.