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Black ops 2 zombie girl

Okay so i have seen a lot of acusations about this girl, her name is Abigail 'Misty' Briarton, it is said by numerous quotes of here when receiving a LMG or killing with a grenade, She calls it the Mistanator i think, wasn't completely paying attention and with the grenade she says you've been 'Misted' its also said by Marlton when surrounded 'i can't die here (filler(forgot what was completely said) misty's expectations of me. She is not Sophia or Samantha so before you continue stop thinking that, now i have however seen some points of it being Tank's daughter, i personally don't believ it buuuuut it could be possible with all the time travel in the first BOPS, who knows anyway's, perhaps she could be a descendant of Dempsey, like a grandchild or niece whatever, or in a nutshell they could not be related at all, Dempsey can't remeber much, Rictoven experimented on him maybe Dempsey's name isn't even Dempsey, perhaps that was placed into him by Rictoven, his entire life could be? who knows? only treyarch dose for the moment, but for now Misty has no current place in the easter egg and from what i know the easter egg doesn't either so we don't know yet. Either way think all you want it ain't going to get you anywhere yet so don't bother and continue playing and have fun. Oh yeah and she likes marlton, huh go figure the tough, southern girl has a thing for nerds XD, btw she makes a quote about her father being killed by zombies so unless dempsey is dead um she isn't dempsey's daughter and unless dempsey lived on a farm because that is where she grew up as she makes this quote. listen to them all here (listen to audio clips): http://callofdutyzombies.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=25362&p=244428 enjoy =)