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[XBOX]New MW3/BO2 Clan! InVerted Gaming

     InVerted Gaming is a new clan that plays Call of Duty on Xbox 360. This clan is looking to go professional in the future but we need a great start. The clan members are kind and are eager to have more players in out community. We are very skilled with years of call of duty experience under our belts. InVerted Gaming is not one of those clans who boss others around and make their members feel completely obligated to their clan. We understand you have a life. We have those too (lol). We will be flexible. Also we joke around often but are serious in times it is necessary.

     We need premium members for MW3 to start some Clan Ops. You don't have to be premium. It is good if you already are though so we can level up through Clan Ops.




1. KDR has to be 1.0 or more.

2. Premium is not required but greatly helpful.

3. Be available for Clan Ops.

4. Be active.

5. Have fun!


This is our clan page on Elite: https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/3609994

Website will be created shortly.