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Best Connection Setting Is Worse For Me - Lag Comp Explained.


People on youtube are claiming that setting your connection on black ops 2 to best clears up all the lag comp, Im here to tel you that this is false and why it makes lag comp worse.


Lag compensation is based on the average ping, so, 12 players...


Lets say 6 players have 150ms

the other 5 have 80ms

and I have 20 ms


We have to work out the mean or average so...


6players x  150 = 900

5players x 80 = 400

me x 20 = 20


900 + 400 + 20 = 1320 --- Divide this number by the amount of players = 110ms



So my ping is searching for best and I get 20ms ping, great, no not great, because now those other player that aree yellow bar push the average ping up and add lag compensation to there and your xbox.  Your 20ms has to get averaged to 110ms, your reactions get cut down to 90ms, 110 - 20 = 90ms.  This puts your character model always infront of the direction your are moving, this is how you get killed behind a wall, and how you get seen before you go around the corner.

Also, how you shoot first but in the kill cam he shot first, because you are delayed by average ping, in this case 90ms.


The only way to partially get around this is set your connection setting to ANY, this gets you into higher ping games which can still be 4bar, but your average ping will more than likely be higher, so you get punished less.



YES ITS A HORRIBLE SYSTEM, you'd think best connection would fix everything, but it makes its worse, this is generally how the system and lag comp work, and if you suffer from lag comp in a bad way you absolutely cannot use BEST CONNECTION.