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Black Ops 2 Not Responding Error

Ive tried everything and i mean everything to make Black Ops 2 work. I have updated and flashed my Bios, Updated all drives and checked the cache on steam and still it doesnt work. I launch the game from steam and it says this progam has stopped working. I called today to ask why its not working and i did what the opperator said so and still nothing help me!

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    Hello Shana torian,


    Please send us your dxdiag and system info by Private Messaging us:


    To access dxdiag:


    Press Ctrl+R key to bring up the Run window, type "dxdiag", press OK, click on "Save All Information" and send the file to us


    To access System Information:


    Go to Start menu>All Programs>Accessories>System Tools>System Information, save the files and send us them to us





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    i think i found a fix. i was also getting this Black Ops 2 not responding thing as well. i would load up the game, through steam, and it would just sit at a black screen. i would then have to ctrl alt del and end process. anyway, what i did was i went to my Steam Library, and right clicked on Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. in the General tab, i clicked on the button Set Launch Options. once there, i typed in   -dontForceMinReqs and then pressed Ok. after that, i tried relaunching BO2 and guess what, it worked! idk if this will solve it, but it did for me, so you should try it as well if you haven't found a way. best of luck!