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My name is Chris and I'm recruiting members for my new clan "Unita". (United in Latin) If you are interested in joining a clan you are welcome to reply and ask for further details. If you would like to try out message me via Xbox Live @ChrisDuphere simply saying you are wishing to try out. Before messaging please reply with an application based on the requirements below. This is a multiple branched clan with GameBattles as well as SniperLeaderBoards. I for one do not trick shot but if anyone out there does, and would be feeling responsible enough to start a trick shot branch feel free to talk to me about that. Thanks for checking out this post, happy gaming!


-2 years Call of Duty experience.

-15 years of age and up.

-Access to laptop/PC (able to create GB/SLB accounts)

-Must have team experience

-1.20 K/D

-1.20 Win Loss

If you have any form of recording device for your Xbox please notify in your application.



I would like to apply for your clan!

My name is Chris i am 16.

I have 6 years of experience under the belt.

I have acess to a laptop or computer 24/7.

I have played on many sports teams and have been a member of a clan before.

My K/D is 1.70.

My Win Loss is 1.90.

Thank you for reading over, and considering my application.