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Why Not More Guns? How About More Guns via the DLC?


Hi Guys,


so every one of these games and i keep asking myself the same question, why dont we have more guns? and why only 4 shotguns? hell even modern warfare had more and that game wasnt the best out there for sure.


Why not have more guns added to the game with each DLC? I understnad balacing needs to be done, but whats the issue thats why you have engineers and devs making 250K-300K a year, just do it yea?


Other games do it? looks at mass effect, the release new guns with their DLC? whats the point of just new maps with no new toys to play with? My point here is, this is a SHOOTER, this being said, we should have lots of options to shoot with, not just a limited amount of guns. You also pushed this thing intot he "future" well open up the reigns a bit give more options for guns, especially the assult rifles, they really suffered this year, even I who am an avid assault rifle user had to put em down for an SMG, which is kind of unreal.


Love the game but these sublties that help.


anyone else seeing the same things with lack of primary guns?