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Treyach do not read the Official Forums, they read Twitter, Facebook and Email only


David Vonderhaar - "Millions of gamers are playing Black Ops II online with minimal to no issues — but that doesn’t mean whatever problem you are encountering is unimportant, nonexistent, or incapable of being addressed. If you continue to see issues that stop you from playing the game as it’s designed to be played, go tosupport.activision.com and see if it’s already covered (there’s a list of the current hot topics at the top of the page). If not, submit feedback using any of the methods listed on the site — live chat, email, phone, Twitter, or Facebook. This is what Activision customer support does — it exists to support Activision’s customers. And even though you rarely get a personal reply from the developers to your feedback, they are hearing it. Just give them time to process it."





Basically this means that they do not use the official forums where we all discuss our problems, most of the things we talk about like lag comp are not heard because we are not using the correct way.

To confirm this has David Trollderhaar ever made one post on the offical forums? Or any other support cummunity type?  Or is it twitter/facebook only?