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Lag Compensation fix!


hi all i've been suffering pretty hard with lag comp since the most recent patch any how i'm uk based but this seems to have made a difference for me.

great youtube vid posted by iFlyILLINI which involves port forwarding on your router, go check it out and see if it helps you too.




if that doesn't work just search on youtube

Black Ops 2 Pro Tip of the Day : Fix Lag Compensation


anyhow give it a whirl as we've clearly not got treyarch to help us so we'll just have to try and help each other

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    so basically another "fix" that isnt actually a fix but actually is correctly setting up your network and console..


    g-d why did no one ever think of doing this before #facepalm

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      I find it funny he goes through all of these different "fixes" including Port Forwarding his Xbox and then at the end DMZ's his Xbox LOL.


      Static IP your box and DMZ that **** if your UPnP sucks/not supported and can't figure out how to port forward.

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      Static IP ending in .127 seems to work best?


      Is this video a joke?  Shouldn't that be completely arbitrary or is there some log(n) binary search algorithm happening in the background of xbox or our routers that somehow makes that remotely significant?


      I stopped the video there...


      I've tried the combinations of the following and still have wayyyyyyyy more lag in BO2 that I've had in any COD title before this:

      - Direct modem connection

      - Router connection with:

      * QOS priority Highest

      * QOS priority Lowest

      * DMZ

      * Port forwarding

      * MTU 1500

      * MTU 1472

      * DNS Servers and (on both my router and XBOX [with or without router])

      * Dynamic IP

      * Static IP


      I'm pretty much out of ideas on what to try next...the only other options are really uplink bandwidth limiting (don't have the option for download bandwidth limiting)...which I will try tonight, but after that I'm probably going to have to shelve this game until something changes.  It's bad enough where I might as well not even have a gun in most games I play, I'm that far behind.


      I should add that the most "pure" connection would be directly connected from the modem to the xbox, and I have lag there.

      So adding the router can only add latency or alter it, not improve it...so if I have lag with a direct connection through my modem, what options do I really have?  Is that an indication that this game REQUIRES a lesser connection to run with LESS lag compensation?


      I'm a 50 down, 10 up connection, tested locally on servers near me.

      I'm also in the NJ area, so there are a TON of COD players here.  Matchmatching shouldn't be an issue and I have it set to BEST.

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        Did you adjust the lobby settings to each of the different settings ?


        BEST sometimes doesnt work.

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          I have tried them all.  It just seems completely random and the shift in the lag compensation can change significantly in a given match.  And even in BEST I was matched with a player from Canada last night...maybe he has a beasting connection and was low ping to whoever the host was...or I was low ping to whoever the host was.


          Doesn't seem to matter.  I had 2 good nights on a direct modem connection, but it went to hell after that (again...originally started with the router, then went direct, now back to router).  But the last several days it's pretty much been bad 99% of the time...even shotgun direct ADS or hipfire at point blank missing, no hitmarkers.  Guys running PAST me and I got killed with the guys BACK to me (in my view, host view on killcam and theater was completely different).  It's like I'm in another time dimension.

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        I am also from NJ and I have a pretty decent internet connection. Comcast Highspeed internet, which is nothing to be ashamed of. I have tried everything to fix the lag compensation. The only thing that helps is to do the following:


        -Go into router settings

        -Go to WAN

        -Reduce MTU from 1500 to around 1476


        You are essentially making your connection worse to take advantage of lag compensation. However, this no longer works as well as it did during MW3. The lag is in fact so terrible that I have stopped playing multiplayer. Some of my friends who are hardwired into their modems are reporting no lag at all, but not for me. I tried that..didn't work.


        It seems the only remedy is to have Activision step in.

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          I'm on Comcast as well, their 50/10 plan.


          I tried the MTU, although I tried 1472, not 1476...not sure how significant that difference is.
          I've also done direct connect and it was the only "good" games I've had since the game came out, albeit..it only lasted for 2 days or so.


          I can adjust my gameplay to basically camp, head glitch, and spawn camp...but that's all pretty lame game play style to me.  I like to navigate the map, but every single battle (even if I do camp, sure I've tried it)...I can still be killed. Replays often show me never firing a shot, 1-2 at the absolute most.

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      iFly is view whore if anyone knows about iFly and the drama he created to build his channel. The video is so basic what he shared was common knowledge and not worth the 30k views it already has. In no way is it a "Fix".

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    wonder how many people out there have tried just using the regular settings and had it work without having to fiddle with the connections and the router.


    I bet 80 percent of these people still have the settings from MW3 in their home.

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    These "fixes" don't actually work. They improve gameplay slightly, but are not related to lag compensation.

    If you truely suffer from the ill-effects of lag comp, then using these "fixes" still won't do anything about it.

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      That's pretty much how I feel at this point.  Not sure what you can do to help out with lag compensation other than throttle your connection to appear like you're on the "bad" side of connectivity (and also have the added benefit of NEVER getting host, which is absolutely crippling in this game).

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      Yes they are related.  Anything that has to do with your connection has something to do with Lag Comp.  Now these fixes are just more like optimization guidlines to make the quality of your connection better.  It'll reduce some lag but not completely. 


      Optimizing your internet should be your first step to seeing if it is actually your connection that isn't performing how it should. Once you have figured out that your connection is as good as it's ever going to be, then you can blame "Lag Comp" or whatever generic term you guys latch onto these days.

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    Dont try this ****. I tried it earlier and it was a epic fail. All it did delete my computers IP address and create a copy of my xbox's IP address on my comp. For like 6 hours i was trying to fix that bullshit cuz my computer wouldnt connect to the internet anymore. **** THAT VIDEO!

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    as another pointed out, this is simply setting up your XBOX and Network settings (correct port opening)properly to play online.  Down side of Console Gaming, networking noobs!  This simply ensures that your console can communicate with servers and other players properly.  Lagging is more of a result of high latency with server or losing signal via bad ISP connection or playing on wireless and losing signal/getting signal interference.


    QoS should also be used to ensure that your console is getting bandwidth priority, especially if you have other devices connected to your home network while you are gaming.  Again, networking basics.  DIY videos and articles all over the net in regards to these issues or simply look up on your routers web site.

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    How would this go about fixing Lag overcompensation for people who have already got all the shiz setup and running properly?

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      running uverse 2800 2wire and linksys, i get an fairly less lag game but most of the time good games..


      MTu 1386

      QOS on xbox mac address set to low

      ***bandwidth set to 3MBPS in linksys router & residential gateway( i play with this from 56k modem speed to 3mbps depends on time of day)

      ports forwarded

      dns to google

      static i.p's all the way around

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    Port forwarding does absolutely nothing here.

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    There's no "fix" for "lag compensation." (I put it in quotes because it's not actually lag comp as we've been taught on these forums already.) Setting up your xbox with these things can optimize your gaming, but doesn't completely get rid of the problem. The problem is in Treyarch's code and matchmaking and until that is fixed, these problem WILL NEVER GO AWAY. Enjoy everyone

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    I fixed the problem with Black Ops 2!!!


    Yesterday I went and bought Halo, I will never buy a call of duty game ever again. Halo is significantly more fun...

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    i to have been sucked into the endless pursuit of trying to find a solution to this lag system. ive tried most everything ive found that pertained to my situation and have had little to no luck. some things seem to work but i think i just get lucky for a little bit and then it all goes back to "normal". maybe playing the ol tried and true Black Ops 1 is the only solution at the time. its kind of a downer to since i really like some of the new features of this game. hopefully itll get resolved soon... maybe before Christmas, who knows.   perhaps there's a reason why B.O.1 is the #6 most popular game online for xbox...

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    It's almost like treyarch  have taken optimization completely out of our hands. Seems they are trying to tell us "we know whats best for you" even though in reality it's created the worst online experience of any game I have ever played. Worse than MW3 and I didn't think that was possible.

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      Nubdub wrote:


      It's almost like theyarch  have taken optimization completely out of our hands. Seems they are trying to tell us "we know whats best for you" even though in reality it's created the worst online experience of any game I have ever played. Worse than MW3 and I didn't think that was possible.


      Absolutely, something I never thought I'd ever say too, but have.


      Utterly, utterly unbelievable.