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Recruiting for new up and coming competitive clan: 15+ Black Ops 2 Xbox 360


Hey guys I just wanted to try and get into the competitve scene because people have always told me too but never did but now i definitely would like to but i need a team. I want this team to be very likeable and be able to get along with each other very well and I am still in outline form. I have a name for the clan and possible website in the making so if you are willing just comment below and also here are just some startup requirements:

1. Why you want to be on the team?

2. Have to be willing to stay with the clan until the end, no clan hopping.

3. Be respectable to everyone else around in the community

and other than that explain to me what you think is necessary.

Also, even though I will be the leader, the starting positions right now are about 2 Co-Leaders and another high position below that so we can start brainstorming for ideas about the clan. I would like to start doing some battles starting off on gamebattles and if there are other better websites, let me know and that will greatly help me. Thank you for reading and i hope you all are considering joining. Another note, i would like to start our own youtube channel for the clan if possible so if you are decent and also have a recordig device, chances will be higher, Thank you.