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"Best" search preference seems useless.


I've been told that Lag Compensation makes the host of the lobby the person with the most mid-range connection. I was told that if I set my search preference to "best," then lag compensation wont be noticable because everyone in the lobby will pretty much have the same connection. This doesn't seem to be the case. Even though my lobby should only have players with the best connections, there is still at least one player at all times who has less than 4 bars during the game, and I still suffer from the issue of being killed by players the instant they come into view without even taking any damage.

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    It doesn't seem useless, it IS useless.

    It would be useful, if the game would actually sort the lobbies by connection. But it doesn't. It sorts by Score Per Minute. And even if the connection is bad (in most cases it is) you get a 4 bar in the scoreboard. It's a hoax.

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    There is a threshold for "Best" lobbies, of course Treyarch won't say what that is, but it's obvious that at the high end of the threshold you're not getting a "Best" connection.


    I liked in the previous CoDs when you searched for a game it would say "Searching for games <50ms..." then 75, 100, etc That way if I see it can't find a game <50ms I'll just retry the search until I do get into a game, didn't have many lag issues doing this.

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    it is useless. Because Black ops2 puts priority on matchmaking searches based on skill first and not best connection. No matter what anyone tells you in here, You will be put in a lobby with your skilled peers with no regard to the connection.

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      Yup, the skill part of the matchmaking process is the biggest reason for the "lag" many of us see. I was basically able to prove that this game will not even put you into a game unless it can find a lobby with players of your skill, even if those players don't  live near you.

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    Yeah I think it's because of the skill-based thing like CODchamp said. I have been getting in some lobbies with people very far away.

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    I only tried the "Best" options a few times the 1st week of play and found it unusable.  It made it so that I couldn't enter any lobbies or that I would constantly get thrown out of lobbies that I was able to get into.  It didn't live up to the billing of simply meaning it would take me a little longer to play, it made it so that I couldn't play.  I stick to Normal.

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    I know that the setting does indeed do something.  As everyone said, it does appear to put skill level above connection. But, searching at 3:00 AM I could not find a game at best no matter how long I waited.  When I set it to ANY it found a game right away.  But it was full of 2  bar players ( I was 3).  The game was a lark.


    Anyway, I think the setting puts in a threshold. But that threshold is the only attempt at finding a good connection.  Skill trumps it and it simply won't put you in a game with less skilled players even if available, even if the connection is good.

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    The "best" preference just allows me to play with italians, get's annoying when the entire lobby is on 3 Bars.

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    My best preference doesn't get me in any games. That's because the lines around my area are made of melted chocolate and dead squirrels.

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    I think the biggest issue with this game is the skilled based matchmaking in public lobbies and it should be the top priotiry complaint and most discussed topic in here and twitter for treyarch and activision to hear.


    Because of skill base matchmaking most of you are experiencing lag issues. It is putting you into lobbies with players at great distance to you because of skill and not locale. This in turns creates the huge lag comp topic or why do i only get 2 bars every game.


    it also in turns gives us most of the complaints as to why you die so fast or get killed by 2 bullets from a pistol or smg at distance. It is the lobby you are in and not so much the games mecahnics. Again lag.


    You are now forced to go tryhard every game because you are only playing with equally matched players. Same tactics usually and same stats. This makes the game very unpopular and less playable over time. One of the huge draws to playing COD and putting the time in was to rank up, Get good Kill streaks and to have games where you dominate. This game makes it more like halo now. Not a bad thing, i do like my occasional skilled games but in public in halo it is not by skill. This is what we have leauge for now isnt it?


    The other problem with all of this skill system is also parties. If you have a party leader who is a beast, then you are forced to play on his level. The game searches for lobbies on his skill level and not the parties. Some of you may say good! Because you have friends with horrible stats. But some of us are the low man on the pole and your friends are running 2.00+ K/D's or average 800 SPM in most games. This will make for some very depressing games.


    There is more to talk about on this issue but i dont feel like typing for 3 hours.

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      I'm okay at this.  I am not a great player but I'm not the worst, and I think it is unfair that I have to play with other mediocre people.


      Put me up against the terrible players below my skill level and the people who will stomp me every day of the week as long as it is an honest fight.  Playing brackets needs to be reserved for league play where it makes sense.  Public matches are no fun at all if I am grouped with people at the same levelas me, but am unable to kill them because I use low ROF weapons and the enemy isn't actually where he appears to be.


      Segregating players into skill levels is like giving every loser kid a trophy.  It ends up being meaningless to everyone.

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      totally and utterly useless set to best, I have played my first game this evening at 9.35pm UK time and this is the players in the game not surprising I quit after 1 min as I couldnt land a shot


      French 2

      German 1

      Sweden 1

      UK 6

      Unknown 1


      Just some ping times for comparison. Im in Essex, UK have FTTC with 37mbps d/l and 6.2mbps upload. My ISP's network which I also work for is business based so evenings and weekends our pipe is vastly under used so no contention issues, throttling, packet shaping or QOS in place.


      Sittingbourne, UK 9ms

      Stockholm, Sweden 34ms

      Cologne, Germany 24ms

      Paris, France 17ms


      Now as you can see although the times are tiny even pings to France are double those to the UK so this must cause an issue with the latency compenstion then throw the Swedish and German player in the mix. When I was on ADSL my pings to UK servers was on average I would say 25ms and this is why when I had this connection I loved the Call of Duty games, whoever since getting FTTC at the beginning of the year I have grown to dislike the multiplayer games and cannot get any whee near a postive k/d in more than 25% of my games.

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        Dean, create a new account with a 48 hour trial card. Play like a horses ass and make sure you have a really low SPM and k/d. Then pay attention to your connection. I will put money on it and say you will have a good connection in the game....Until your skill goes up and it will search further away to match that skill.

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    Works for me puts me in mostly local lobbies with sprinkle of OS players

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      Ok tried "any" setting, game was rubbish as usual so quit after 1 min and guess what was host, so here goes the players list from the lobby before the game, people leaving and joining before the game statred. What I would like to know is why it chose me as the host and not the 1 of the players in say spain, although i am proud i have the best internet connection in the whole world and everyone wants to be in my game!


      france 1

      spain 4

      germany 1

      uk 7

      usa 3

      unknown 2


      Basically this is who my night goes sh*t game quit host, sh*t game quit host almost 90% of the time, how about some poor sucker in spain get the bloody host so players in the uk can benefit for a change it seems IW and Treyarch have a personal grudge against uk players.

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        ok normal setting quit after 1 1/2 mins was better still it would better if the game could send me an email to let me know someone is gonna run out in front of me just to give me half a chnace, gonna go back to best and being the host for everyone so they can have a fun evening!


        belgium 2

        spain 1

        uk 7

        unknown 1