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I have made a new Clan for MW3 (it will also be for BO2 by the end of December) called W.O.L.F (Worldwide Organization of Lethal Firepowers) and would like to invite anyone who is interested to join. The clan currently is fresh and has no members other than myself (Forehead_45) so if you do decide to join, inviting friends would be very much appreciated. As I get more members, i'll expand the clan more and more. Here is the Clan Description:


Recruits Needed


Welcome to W.O.L.F, the Western Organization (of) Lethal Firepower. The clan is an All-Gun Clan though light classes with guns like sniper rifles, smps, basically anything but LMG's are recommended because this clan is mostly about the strategic assasination of the enemy through the power of teamwork, quite like the strategy of a hunting wolf pack (hence the name). Therefore, light classes would be most recommended, with perks like Assasin and Stalker.


Remember, that's only a reccommendation


Anyone is free to join at any time, gamemodes that will be played include but are not limited to:


TMD, Domination, S&D, Infection, and Capture the Flag (Plus Zombies when BO2 is included)


When we reach 6 members, we will start joining events




If the link doesn't work for you, the clan name is "[W.O.L.F.]" without the quotes.