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5th Prestige Reset!!!



As you know black ops 2 came out roughly 3 weeks ago and I have been playing a huge amount of it. This is the first cod I have enjoyed as much as mw2. But on sunday morning I was reset from 5 prestige level 27 to rank 1 on the ps3. I have not broken any rules or done any hacking so there is no reason that I should be reset the worst thing I do is run around sniping people which some people dislike. I wouldnt mind if i was a low level but this is considerably high level at this time in the game. I have evidence of my score and my days played as shown in a video. This was totally random as I was in a pre game lobby when it happened.




http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=me09wJAjDnM&list=LL5q-Fk1GI_ipdiiLelgqwyQ&feature =mh_lolz