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Can the slow players take the night off from Domination please?

By "slow" I don't mean reflexes. I mean the profoundly retarded morons that would get more accomplished by sitting in a breeze holding a pinwheel than they ever will playing domination. I'd like to play one game where my teammates don't:


A.) Run past me as I'm capturing a flag by myself so they can work on their K/D ratio.

B.) Call in a major score streak with 4 seconds left in the first round.

C.) Not get the concept that you have to hold 2 of the flags for the majority of the game to win.


So what do you say 'tards? "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" is on CBS tonight. There's plenty of shiny, sparkly things on that show to keep you mesmorized and confused for a couple of hours. How about you watch that this evening and leave Domination to those of us with an even number of chromosomes.