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Real Players versus Whiners


I have read many a thread today and the arguments that keep repeating are that BO2 is full of campers and campers this and campers that…Really? Are you serious? This whole game is built around anti-camping. If you get beat by a real camper you deserve to be beat. This game does not allow for static gameplay. The spawns force players to move in order to get back to their "spot" if they are killed. UAV's are up almost constantly and Ghost doesn't allow you to be invisible unless you are moving. If you ADS with Ghost on you pop up on the Map.  The maps are more rounded and fluid without a lot of sharp edges or corners to setup line of site shots. If you look at Turbine the rocks almost taper inward thus, allowing you to see the legs of enemy players if they try to camp behind one. No, my friends this game is absolutely not built for campers. This game is built for Runners/Rushers.


Now for the folks that are having connection issues by all means keep voicing those thoughts and opinions as they are legitimate.


My post is for all the crybabies and whiners that will complain about the UAV’s and in the same breath call someone that kills them a camper. I am a Runner/Rusher that plays HC CTF. I have almost 500 captures so far, so I do know a thing or two about campers. If a camper kills me while I have a UAV up then I deserved to die and I accept it. He or she earned it. If they get me from a corner while defending their flag I should have cleared it better or thrown up a UAV to flush them out.


Either way, if you have a good connection and are actually able to play the game then play it and shut up if you suck…This game isn’t for everyone…Get Better or Get Lost but please, please, stop whining…


  Again, to the folks that are having severe lag issues or connection issues this is not directed at you this post is for the players that can actually get into a good lobby and play and cry during the whole match.

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    I thought I was the only one tired of the lame camper haters lmfao! Those "campers" help clear the way to run up the middle! I personally love them!  Plus our campers usually take out the enemy campers across the map so let them execute each other and shut up already! It's always the ones with 5 or 6 kills that cry campers! I can say this because I started out with 2 or 3 kills each match. Now I average atleast 15 to 20, sometimes more sometimes less. I personally don't have patience to sit and wait on a kill. If that floats your boat, do u. I'd rather get in the enemy spawn area and shut it down from there! campers=ok clans full of swarmers are the ones who annoy me. lol but hey if those clans can build their scorestreaks up then they deserve to kill us all!