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Hellstorm Missile freezes my Xbox360

I am getting quite frustrated with the point streak known as the Hellstorm Missile

It seems 3/5 times it is used, my xbox360 just completely freezes up.

Now, it seems simple, don't use the Hellstorm Missile, but it is annoying when I receive one in my care package, and it sucks that I can't

support my team in objective games with this useful point streak.


NOT ONLY does it freeze when I use it... But when I witness others use it (i.e through a killcam, or spectating).


What puzzles me is no one else is experiencing this problem, and I have one of the newer generation Xbox's. It is only about 2 years old, and friends who are using very old systems, even Xbox Arcades, are not experiencing this issue.


Would really appreciate some help. Can't find this issue anywhere..


Also on a side note, it only seems to freeze when I am playing in public matchmaking.

I have went into custom games vs AI bots and got the score streak over and over, 100% success.

Even had a friend join to see if the success was due to LAN, but even with a friend I had 100% success.


So it appears this only happens in Public Matchmaking.