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Black Ops 2 not running


I have some problem. Today i bought my BO 2 and it doesn't run. It synchronizes all the time and don't run. I tried to reinstall and do anything other. Single Player works Can anybody help me? My config:

I3 2100


4gb ram



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    Tried updating your graphics to the latest beta drivers?

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      Tried and still synchronising and nothing running.

      It happens to zombie and multiplayer mode...

      So thanks, Threyarch for this bugged game... I lost my 25 euro. Thanks...

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        When you say stuck "synchronising" are you saying that isn't fully installing the game?  Can you provide a screenshot of the problem?  This almost sounds like a network issue on your end.

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          Do you have issues with any other online multiplayer game on steam?


          I can see that your setup is pretty old, They dont even sell that hardware anymore in most stores.


          Make sure you have your network settings properly setup.


          Try enabling the ports that the game uses on your router/firewall.


          Could be steam just having a problem. Try exiting steam, then loading it back up. I get sync errors and have to do this all the time.