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Why Call of Duty is starting to suck a** to me

(Now, I've been playing Call of Duty for a while. Ever since Finest hour, so that's about 8 titles back. Just a lil' note I wanted to put in.)


It's crazy to think if Treyarch, Infinity Ward, etc... had just tried to fix the kinks from the game before Call of Duty would be a better game. Instead they just pile on bells and whistles, and the game falls in to the same deep pile of **** that plagued it before. The reason why Call of Duty is starting to suck to me is because there just hasn't been any big improvement. Most of everything is the same, they just keep adding things to the game that convolute it and make the game seem unplayable. It's like putting gravy in your apple pie. It's dumb as ****. So until whoever developes CoD actually fixes something about the game, I don't see myself buying another Call of Duty.


That is all.