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New Gaming Community; BrazeN Gaming


BrazeN Gaming

BrazeN Gaming was established in 2012. We are led by our four Founders, By Crackie, KaptinZombie, Merkz Bz, and HarryGorgonkle. We live by our motto and pledge to not be like all those other "clans" you have joined. BrazeN Gaming is more than a clan; it is a gaming community. Our founders are experienced leaders and ready to launch this community to the next level.


All we ask of you is...

*You are 18 or older

*You can carry yourself as a mature and respectful adult. We do not tolerate hate whether it is racial, sexist, or any other type.

*You do not mod, boost, etc. We are not a home for hosting prestige lobbies or hooking people up with fellow boosters. #GTFO


What will BrazeN Gaming do for you?

*We do not discriminate based on any clan affiliations. Join as you'd like, we hope to be a place for gamers just to be gamers. Hop on the forums or find some people to play when your clan isn't active. We'd love to have you and if you play OBJ, any of the Founders will hop on with you.

*We will be active on YouTube. All 4 Founders have active YouTube Channels and are always open to helping everyone out.

*We eventually will be hosting various types of CoD Tournaments that are complete with prizes.

*We will be doing product and MSP giveaways when the numbers are right.

*We pledge to be YOUR community. No clan bullshit here, no military-esque ranking system, no power-hungry officers. We are a community; NOT a dictatorship.  Head on over to www.teambrazen.com and check us out! All you need to do is register on the site and answer a few simple questions and you're good to go.