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why do you hate this game?


they went to far to the competitive side, no hardcore modes, bad hit detection, score streaks that are unreachable unless your a beast or camp hard, and worst of all the leader boards. if you check the top 10 players in kill confirmed played 1 game this score per min is stupid, the only reason alot of hardcore gamers play constatly just to achive and mantain rank, when you took away rewarding repeat play to rewarding 1 game you lost you replayability. if there is no incentive for me to sink hours into your game then ill just play something else, and what idiot decided bringing back team killing was a good idea.

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    I don't hate it altogether but somethings you have mentioned i hate. Plus the zombies us a pain to play with your friends unless you make a custom game. Yesterday nuketown zombies showed a free in the store but it wouldn't complete the download. I can't get on it today  on multiplayer online our zombies online or either local games. I dunno weekdays going on but they wanna fix it fast. It's to the point a few ppl on my friends list who i always play zombies with have sold there bo2 games pearly because of the stuff above and due to the zombies ranking system which doesn't seem to want to rank done people up.

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    I wish I hadn't purchased the SEASON PASS now since ALL SMG's have bullet reduction BS by some idiot who deemed a good idea! And probably got an award for it!!  Being new into xbox (vs Wii) Modern Warfare Reflex, Black OPS & MW3, Still still learning terms of definitions of same perks renamed as. I bought the $20 book that held details Elite or Ops2 did not, as to not question all online friends or believe youtube videos. Well, now that was a waste of $20 since the bullet reduction will change all graphs/chart measurements on maps, & sprays!!! ****** Hope anyone who bought this as a gamer gift is made aware this detail cause what's in the print...NO LONGER APPLIES!!!!****** Amazing how they are more worried about bullet reduction than finding hackers or modded ppl!!! Seriously about to return to MW3 until someone in this company gets their head out of their.....