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Perks in Nuketown Zombies?


Does anybody has an explanantion how the perks work in Nukketown Zombies? Because it has nothing to do with the counter.

Pleas answer someone.

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    I think it's just random. I got jug at round 23 yesterday

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    I do not have the map yet, but have watched videos and seen many threads about it. From what I have seen/heard the perk spawning is random, which will throw a wrinkle into the gameplay for sure.

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    Its all random.


    Once te counter goes from 99 to 00 A new Perk or the PAP will spawn somewhere. If you want to know just look up at the mushroom cloud when the sirens go off. You will see something fall down.

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    Actually, i have figured out that on non solo gameplay that the counter does do part of it. It works with the count down timer that is inthe background as well. Basically, every 100 kills makes the tower bell ring. That makes the countdown go closer to zero. When at zero, another 100 kills makes the timer reset and drop a perk or PaP. The order of those perks or PaP is random. So not every hundred kills drops a perk. The nuketown sign just keeps track for you and since it can only count down from 99, the tower does the rest.