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Can someone please look over this and reply to me.


Let me start off by saying it is 2:31 pm at the time of writing this and the customer service chat should be on by 11 am. I know it says "wait times vary" but really? 3 hours? http://min.us/l6SbpYwuOab1n


Enough with that, let me get on to my next topic, unintelligent reasons for banning.

I was banned for 6 days and apparently (according to my friends) had my stats reset. I am upset about this because I had nearly 2 days played on the game, a decent k/d, a few gold guns and some cool titles. This just happened out of the blue as I was playing with my friends. Now I have a few ideas why I was banned but they seem so unlikely to happen that I honestly dont know why/how I got banned. I'll say what I think happened just so you guys can get an idea.

1. before the most recent patch I threw an agr while being shot and the agr dropped but I still had it in my inventory. I have googled this and it was a glitch, a glitch that heppend completley by accident. Maybe they thought by me doing this once it would have raised my k/d by 5 points so they had to reset my stats.

2. I killed my friends when they joined my game. In my mind this one makes the most sense to me. By call of dutys banning policy a weeks ban and a stat reset is due to boosting. Well see here, I dont boost. Im good enough at the game that im happy with what ive got. But this one could be thesable. All the time my friends will join my game and end up being on the other team, and it so happens ill kill them once in a while. I dont tell them "hey go on the other team so I can get a swarm!" Its just something that happens.

3. Higher than usualy headshot count? This one could maybe be it aswell. For my mp7, I believe I got enough headshots for gold when I had about 400 kills with it, I later got gold for it around 800 kills because of all the challenges. Just because I have decent accuracy doesent mean I should be punished for it. Ive seen people with diamond assult rifles and they were the same prestige as me (which is prestige 2) Why didnt they get banned if I did?

4. Maybe it was a mistake. Maybe it was just a mistake, too many people reported me for beating them (which people do to everyone, people abuse the report button all the time) Maybe I just shouldnt be banned.


What I want is everything to be back to normal, I payed nearly $100 for this and I expect to play it the only time I really can which is on the weekend.

Please fix your chat becuase I get terrible cell phone reception at my house.


And for my last problem, has this happened to anybody who KNEW they didnt deserve it? Thanks for reading.


Oh and one last thing, If I did infact get banned for some sort of boosting. Why didnt blade? He openly admitted to it in this video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0L67JBoAvFE