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Hey TREYARCH fix this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ok Treyarch you can do all theses updates that ain't necessary but you can't take care of your Probation problem that you have i mean its total BS when you are in a game an you get sent back to the lobby screen bc some idiot isn't happy that there getting killed so they pull there ethernet cord from there xbox and they so happen to be the host so everybody gets booted to the lobby screen then it says lobby closed. i went to get back into a game and i got a probation for 50 secs for someone else mistakes thats not right to the community to suffer bc a rage quitter got mad over being killed. Another thing TREYARCH fix the host migration problem to bc sometimes that also will boot you bc the next host they pick has horrible internet. But while i'm on the things that need fix discussion fix this list of stuff:


1. Take care of lag switchers an no i don't mean lag compensation these players are hurting your game.

2. Take care of the Hackers and Glitchers I mean come on Treyarch do you know how many Master Prestige ppl i have seen running around an you check there combat record an it says 1 day played 7,000 kills yeah ok.

3. fix the spawn points bc no one should have to spawn to die bc of spawn killers.


Treyarch you might want to start listening to the community bc you went from 2,000,000+ ppl playing your game down to 430,000+ ppl playing never have i seen this happen in any COD game before.


Oh yeah don't come on here complaining about modded controllers to them bc thats not considered a Hacker or a Glitcher plus do your research like i did bc i use to complain about modded controllers and found out there legal rapid fire controllers have been around for a long time through different companies even able to purchase them in retail stores also, Microsoft signed deals with Controller Chaos and Evil Controllers plus the Pro Teams use them so dont bother complaining to Treyarch, IW or Microsoft bc they will give you the same answer as always give proof and it's really hard to tell if somoeone is or is not using a modded controller. This part has nothing to do with the topic above i was just clearing facts up.