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    I do enjoy the "adults" that complain about this and their kids seeing the emblems. While I understand this logic, please tell me why you are playing a Mature game in front of your kids that is about killing other people? I get that it is virtual, however maybe you should reconsider your parenting.


    While some emblems are childish, some are still funny and if you dont like just dont look. Hell, dont even play the game. Its easy to stop. Report if you must. Press the power button. You are in a soceity that puts on TV "Teen Mom" and other nonsense that is much more harmful than this game. People need to learn to chill out. IF you dont like the emblem report and be done with it. You people crack me up some times.

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    While the majority of them is from kids or teens, I bet a good number of them are also from people in their 30s and even 40s...which is sad.  Same goes for racial emblems, or just anything derogatory.  It doesn't exactly bother me to the point of disgust, but I will report them as its not needed.  While its cool, you also have to blame them for including the feature as they had the same problems in BLOPS 1.   

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    Just report those players - that's all I can say!

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    Just because the game is rated a certain way does not mean people can violate the terms of service.

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    The way to fix it is by going into your settings on Xbox and shutting the feature of viewing user generated content off.

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    Well you find something offensive, report them.


    But really letting underaged people play game like this where people are getting shot to pieces and their knee's blown off, troath's cut and all that? Hm. Seeing few boobies might be even healthy.

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    Ive seen a few like ""I Cook My Jews" or "KKK Members" sometimes I want to kill them. I also dont like the Pornographic ones either

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    All the racist ones are bad indeed.


    I hate stereotyping.

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    The problem is that a LOT of kids play this game. And if you give kids the chance to do something immature and funny that they think their friends will find funny then they WILL do it.

    I just report them.

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    Dscru wrote:


    Treyarch should just make an option to turn it off for viewing. If someone has kids present, then turn it off, and you won't see anyones emblem. If you don't mind then turn it to on + report the bad ones.


    Like someone said earlier - you can turn blood/gore off in the options.

    There is an option to turn it off on Xbox Live.


    Sad thing is it turns all the players off too.