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    To me the swastikas and KKK **** get to me more, they don't even understand what they are doing

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    I report every sexual and racist thing i come across. I've done it since black ops 1 when that picture of the KKK member had the box trap with chicken under it. From that to the chicks bending over, dicks shooting onto stuff. Its ignorance and just plain retarted. Most of the people who do it think it is funny but in all honesty its because they lack imagination.


    I've had the theory since Black Ops 1 anybody with a sexual, racist, retarded looking, off youtube playercard have a negative K/D and are exceptionally horrible at the game and therefore not worth your time.


    When sitting in lobbies ill go through peoples playercards and what not and if they are cool and imaginative ill send em a message. If they are disgusting and ignorant i will spend the whole time that we are in the lobby reporting them for their playercard and language over and over and over just spamming A. If i have friends who are in the lobby they do the same thing.


    I sent a person who had some dude bent over with his **** hanging between his legs. I sent him a message saying reported playercard and he got all butthurt. I then proceeded to verbally bitchslap him while his comeback was "Stay in your parents basement and die a vergen" This guy was obviously older then me and yet he was immature enough to have a disgusting playercard like that. I told him all arguements he had were void considering he spelled virgin wrong and he was clearly the one in his moms basemant.

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    This is one thing I can't stand seeing. Maybe the parents are to blame for buying an 18+ game for their 12 year olds who still think stuff like that is funny... but then again you get that with every game with a minimum age rating. If they love drawing pictures of cocks and stuff that's fine by me but as soon as I see it I'll just spam report them for as long as I can stand to keep pressing the button.


    I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that for a first offence you get a temporary ban from using the emblem editor and then repeated offences will earn you a permanent ban from using it. Maybe it's about time these people got banned from the game full stop or at least got their levels/challenges/unlocks completely reset. Something a bit more severe may actually stop a lot of this childishness.

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    teggy123 wrote:


    the game is an 18+? i really don't see why you shouldn't be able to?


    How about some cartoon child porn then?  Legal at 18 in some countries, others not.  Now what do you say to that?

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    I sent a person who had some dude bent over with his **** hanging between his legs



    LOL, HILARIOUS!! You sound like you have seen it all on gamercards and emblems.

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    out of the 12 people in a lobbie 3 of them will have something sexual its ignorant

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    Yeah my son is running around watching me play and when I come up to these I just report them constantly

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    Is he 17 or over? As in the age that one should be to play this game.




    This game is meant to be for mature audiences, if you, or whoever isn't 17 and can't handle a poor attempt at drawing tits, then find a different game.

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    I find some of the disgusting emblems pretty hillarious but I can definitely understand why many people find them disturbing or offensive.

    Honestly, what did Treyarch think was going to happen? We all saw what happened in Black Ops. I don't quite understand why they brought back the emblem designer. They could have at least included a feature where you could block all emblems.

    I don't think its fair for people with kids and families to be exposed to the disgusting lack of common decency  people have especially over the internet.

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    These emblems are online content and when you joined xbox live you agreed to a certain number, actually make that LARGE number of rules governing what you can and can't do online within Xbox Live, it has nothing to do with the game certification.

    These images can be seen by others including children and so the rules are there to protect them, they can be watching a parent play or just walking through the room as the parent is playing, can't you understand that?


    The bottom line is it doesn't matter if you agree with these rules or not, it doesn't matter if you are 15, 25, 35 or 65yrs old, you cannot have emblems containing pornographic images, etc or you will be banned.

    Argue about it all you want, disagree with it all you want but that will make no difference because people like me will report you and you will be banned.

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