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  • 60. Re: Pornographic Gamer Emblems

    This game is 18+ in germany, Kids shouldn't be allowed to play it..

  • 61. Re: Pornographic Gamer Emblems

    Oh boy!


    Do I find some emblem distastefull? Yes.


    Am I offended? No.


    Someone must have pretty twisted moral value to be playing a game which the core gameplay consist of reenacting fake wars, with fake weapon, harming, killing, exploding fake character ( that are depiction of humans, not robots or monsters) and be ok with it.


    While in the same time be offended by the depiction of a fake penis or breast, calling those cartoony representation «pornographic».


    Real war are bad, Killing, harming, mutilating or exploding somebody in real is wrong. Using war weapon is wrong. None of the weapon depicted in this game is used in real to hunt deer or moose, they are made solely to kill humans.


    So, by playing the game, you implicitely agree that since the violence is fake, that its ok.


    Penis and vagina in real are good things, that make baby, give orgasm, or is used to pee.


    But seeing a fake depiction of them would be offensive? Come on!


    Here why the moral value of the people complaining is twisted.


    They agree to see things that are «evil and bad» ( the killing and weapons)and are ok with it because its fictionnal, but are offended by the fictionnal depiction of things that are good in real...


    You wont get hurt in a fictionnal war videogame, and you wont get pregnant or get HIV looking at a fake penis.


    For the argument «My kid might see it» What?! You are concerned that maybe your kid might see a fake cartoony penis, but you are not concerned that he wil CERTAINLY see killing, mutilation, explosion, weapons etc?


    Twisted moral values indeed

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