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what is REALLY wrong with aim assist and wii remote tips and tricks


lets get it out of the way...aim assist through walls. thats the real issue. picture this..you're using dual analogs on a nintendo console because god knows why, you have your back to a corner,crouching, your mk 46 target finder ready to fire as soon as you hear your shock charges go off when all of a sudden the reticle starts to ove by itself towards the wall. wut. that can only mean one thing...the enemy just went pass the wall you're now staring at. you spray through the kitkatwrapper-thin walls and get a kill. thats whats wrong with aim assist and thats what needs to be fixed. AIM ASSist should NOT be so strong at close range one does NOT need help at close range, aa at cqc should just be REMOVED. Now on to the tips and tricks...


At first, like many, i suffered with the mote....but i got used to it. i found the following tricks helpful:


1.make your settings insane. wiimote cannot turn as fast as DA...ever. so make your dead zones small.


2.find the comfort zone...playing with wiimote can feel awkward..try to feel as comfortable as possible, even if it means sitting naked on your couch


3.use low killstreaks(this applies to everyone, not just wiimoters)...be real, you're not ever gonna get dogs, vtol or swarn with your 1.0 kd and 100 spm. use low streaks...it helps you and your team


4. hop like a bunny...it is very easy to do on wiimote. just hop-dance around those silly DA users.


5.dropshot...there's ads snap, not ads lock...dropshot and those silly DA users will keep shooting at air.


6.ask them if they lift