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Lag comp/probation/ worst game ever!!!!

My brother and I are 39 and 41 respectively.. and I have to say the online play sucks!!  4 times out of 5 the game has to go in to host migration during game play ! This really becomes bothersome. Another big issue is the game loses connection to host and the game ends and or it throws everyone out of the lobby . Recently it gave us a 1 minute ban and probation for this!!!! i could see if we was purposely,  leaving the game but were not  I cant see how they can ban us for there issue!  We played all of the cod games and never had this issue. I don't think   we will be investing any more money into cod games..   I mean really  we spent 180..  on the care package and another 50 on the season pass  to have lag and ban  issues ???