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Join Ninja Masters Today! (PS3) #6th Ranked Clan In The World!


Join Ninja Masters today! This is a black ops 2 clan & We are currently ranked #6 in the clan leaderboards for clan level as a lightweight clan. We have 11 members so soon, we will become a middleweight clan & we want to get high on the middleweight leaderboards BUT we can't do that without the help of you guys. We are level 8 & have a clan K/D of 1.25! We have come gold in both clan ops that we have enlisted & are winning all our clan battles. You will have a gold clan tag if you join & you'll always have people to play with as we are a very active clan. The only requirement is that you have a headset & you speak english. Other than that, Your in. I hope to see you with us soon! JDIB out!

If you want to join: Contact me @ Just_Do_It_Boy or Apply on Ninja Masters Clan Page OR List your name below for an invite!