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RAFTER (casual) clan looking for more (360)

RAFTER - [RAFTR] is a 360 clan of just, we me at the moment. but im looking to build a baseline of players that are looking to team up instead of playing blindly and getting paired up against mountain of odds based on your random team makeup.


Currently clan lvl 4, I myself am currently ranked platinum in Team D, and silver in moshpit/champion series. If we can get a couple people to play with it makes the game less annoying, there is a higher chance to thwart the efforts of corner camping/spawn trapping R-tards.


I realize this clan is not anywhere near the BEST, but id rather enjoy my time than breaking my TV over some KD (which favors the sprayers now). With your help we can get this clan rolling, and get out there and maybe even start a "team" for one of the leagues.


anyone who is looking to join or trash talk w/e is welcome to check out https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/4353155  that is all.



The Deuch


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