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         Shhhhh... Don't let the runners know they are allowed to play like that.

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    Let me clarify this:



    Running / Gunning is not the superior play style, its just another option we have!




    Is defensive playing the ones with the highest KD its just less risky!

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    I signed up to this forum just so I could reply to this post. The reason why people call other people campers is because those people that say that are just making excuses to why they got spanked.


    "Okay so you're calling me a camper because I didn't throw my body out in the open like a dumbass. Instead I heard your footsteps coming my way and just kill you when you come by?"


    They need to get over themselves and stop thinking they are better than they actually are.




    EDIT - I have a run-and-gun style. But I will stay at spot if I know one or more people constantly come to the spot. If they stop coming that way, I start moving.

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    My personal favorite is when you take cover (lay down, crouch behind something) when reloading and then you pop up and kill someone and they yell "Camper!!" after watching the kill cam.


    The only "real" way camping annoys me is when it's people on my team and they're not even playing the objective.  If all they're doing is camping some random spot that isn't even high traffic, hoping for a few easy kills from unsespecting passersby.


    If you decide to use BB's, C4, Shock Charges, whatever you choose, to guard a flag or objective, more power to ya.  It's valid.  Most of the time, people only yell camper because they ran into an area guns blazing and didn't even bother to check the mini-map or corners.  These people are themselves, bad players and deserve to be shot by the "camper". 

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    People only complain about campers for 2 reasons


    1) they lost and camper is the most generic call of duty insult


    2) someone was legitimately camping, and they knocked that player off a long killstreak

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    I get this an awful lot, also I get reported on a daily basis for my gameplay style, I use dead silence and sound whore and apprently hack since I can hear them run around a corner.

    I'm a former MLG pro player and I've actually been thinking about getting back into my old team, I play objective/defense
    I don't do games like TDM but when I do my K/D ranges 9.0-11.0, thats when I get called a camper most, but I play objective, like in CTF of course I'm staying back and protecting the flag, but apparently that's camping.

    People will always call you a camper, biggest time someone did, I was in League playing Domination, capped A and B and protected both my score was 89-7 with 34 defends


    All in all the mute button works wonders.

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    Put 12 campers on a map and what happens? 


    It's never gonna happen but it would be great if they could create rooms for like-minded gamers.  I would love to be part of a game with 12 gun-n-runners.  I assume campers would enjoy the tactical exchange of a 12 camper game.  I'm not the COD police and don't even know how they could introduce such a scheme.  But it would be good.


    Haters can say what they want and people can try articulateness to sound intelligent.  But at the end of the day everyone's different and entitled to their opinion.

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    Honestly I would hate to play a match with all like mind players. What I would like is balanced lobby with both campers and rushers.


    I played a game of CTF where both teams played a 2-2-2 spread. 2 defenders, 2 mids, and 2 attackers. It was mad fun and we were dueling it out to the last seconds of OT. I've never had more fun playing Call of Duty in my life.


    This game needs both playstyles to keep each style honest. I wish Trey and IW would understand that stop listening to which ever voice is loudest at the moment

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    Have you ever considered this....


    When campers run n gun, they may get a K/D of 0,2 or even less. Campers just don't have the skills to run n gun, if thy did, they would do it!